Golden Rules to Follow While Handling a Gun

Golden Rules to Follow While Handling a Gun

Just like any other machine, your guns also undergo regular wear and tear after using it for a longer period of time. So, taking care of your gun is very important as it the best self carry defense option. There are so many ways and methods where you can actually clean your gun. There are so many different kinds of guns are available in the market, so the cleaning method of each and every gun varies to each other.

There are certain guns that can be cleaned using gun cleaners. But, there are some guns that can only be cleaned using professional methods.


Many people don’t really know this but the dirty gun causes 80-90% of malfunction and stoppage. The dirt and rust are some of the major enemies that can cause hamper to the gun. So, you really need to make sure that your gun doesn’t undergo with this. As you might know this, each time you fire your gun it gets exposed to carbon and copper around the chamber and barrel of the gun. Not cleaning this will cause maximum damage to your gun. If you want your gun to last for a longer period of time then you need to follow some golden rules.

Here is the list of some golden rules that you need to follow while handling your gun.

Keep the Muzzles Pointed In The Safe Direction

This is one of the most important that should be followed by everyone. You need to keep the muzzles down if you don’t intend shot. There are so many firearm incidents that took place because of this carelessness. Even while unloading or uploading the arm, never point on something that you never intended to shot. You need to keep your gun in a safe direction so that no one gets hurts especially your loved one.

There are so many safe directions you can choose. You can choose to keep your gun down or up where nobody gets hurts. But, never put this at anyone that you never intended to target. Keep all your senses open and know exactly where your muzzles are pointing at all time. You should always learn to control things at your end.

Unload Firearm While Not Using It

You should only load your gun when you are actually going to use it. When you are not using the firearm, then you should keep it loaded. Make sure that you keep your gun in a safe and secure place. While keeping the gun, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are keeping it away from children and unauthorized adults.

You should rather keep this in your habit that you unload this as soon as you are finished. Make sure that you don’t take a loaded gun near to a car, truck, and building. If you are keeping your gun in your car, then you really need to make sure that you unload the gun after you are done with your job.

Check the Target Properly

Once the bullet is out, you have no control upon it. You really need to make sure that you are shooting at the right target. Never shoot unless you are uncertain about it. You need to check properly at there is nobody beyond your target. You surely don’t want to injure or hurt somebody. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is fine at your end.

Before pulling your trigger, it is however very important that you put constant attention to your target. You might don’t know but 22 short bullets can travel over ¼ miles and high-velocity cartridge can send a bullet more than 30 miles. So, you really need to make sure that you are taking care of everything at your end.

Wear Eye and Ear Protection While Shooting

Every shooter is recommended to wear protective eyeglasses and hearing protector while shooting which will protect your eyes and ears. Excessive sounds from the firearm can damage your ears and even while shooting the target adequate vision is important. Many shooters don’t really wear eyeglasses while disassembling or cleaning your gun. This is an important point to consider as it can prevent your eyes from getting contact to springs, springs tension parts, solvent, and some other dangerous agents.

Following the safety rules is actually intended to keep you safe, so you must follow the right safety rules. Wearing eye and ear protector will make your shooting easier and make your shooting process more memorable.

Make Sure The Barrel is Clean

Before firing, you really need to make sure that the barrel is clean and it has no obstacles while shooting. It is very much important to check if your barrel is crystal clear or not, this can ensure that you remain safe while shooting. Even a small obstacle while shooting can cause some serious damage. You should really make this as a part of habit to clean the barrel with the cleaning rod just after you finish shooting.

While shooting, you really need to make sure that you take the proper amount of time to check everything is clear at your end. Even the slightest mistake can damage maximum damage to you. So, maintaining and taking care of your gun time to time is very important.

Have Gun Services Regularly

As a gun owner, you might know this that the firearm is a complicated mechanism. So, if you are making any sort of alternation or change without expert advice can cause damage. You should not just alter the trigger, safety, and other mechanisms without having proper knowledge about it. If you want any sort of alternation, then you can take it to a repair shop where the expert will make the required changes according to your choice. If you are making any other alternation, then probably you are going to ruin an expensive gun, so make sure that you avoid it.

As a matter of fact, just like any other mechanical devices, your gun is subject to wear to tear. Make sure that you make periodic inspections, adjustment, and services from time to time.

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