Why Opt For Organic Lawn Care?

Why Opt For Organic Lawn Care?

Organic lawn care and such eco-friendly treatments are well-accepted by the residents in America. The eco-friendly movement is garnering more advocates with each passing day. It emphasizes the benefits of organic practices.

While organic fertilizers can act slower, they are more beneficial to nurture a healthy lawn and environment. This situation begs the question, so why are so many switching over to this way? Read on to find the reasons.

Improves the health of the soil:

Following an organic approach helps the soil retain higher moisture levels. It encourages better aeration. It also improves soil texture, enriches it, and makes it less tightly packed. When the soil is porous and loose, it significantly benefits plant life.

It is Biodegradable:

Organic fertilizers and products are made from harmless, naturally derived products. It is entirely biodegradable, and there is no chemical residue that is left behind.

Nurtures Root Growth:

Organic lawn care releases nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus slowly into the soil. The roots absorb these nutrients in the correct levels of small doses and thereby grow healthier and lush. Visibly they look more fibrous, making the turf look attractive as well.

Harmless to the Environment:

These treatments do not harm the natural microbes and other organisms that exist in the soil. Earthworms, fungi, and good bacteria are beneficial for plant growth. One should take care not to harm them.

Safe for Human beings and Pets:

It is not an unknown fact that chemicals can ruin soil health. But, most people do not know that certain harmful pesticides and weed killers are lethal to pets. For instance, certain weed killers increase the risk of getting cancer.

Also, if there are children in homes using pesticides, there is a higher risk of getting leukaemia, brain cancer, and other diseases. These harmful substances are the reason for causing the increase in Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma among Americans. It is the second-fastest-growing cancer in the country.

Organic treatments do not cause any harmful effects on the human body or affect pets.

Less Pollution:

Organic manure, run-off, and such do not harm the wildlife. Fishes and animals do not have adverse effects when their habitat comes into contact with it. There are no concentrated nitrogen deposits, in this case. Its presence is hazardous to animal life.

Chemical fertilizers and their run-off into water bodies harm all life in it. Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and oceans are all affected by this issue.

Effect Stays Longer:

Synthetic fertilizers wash away soon with excess watering or during the rains. In contrast, their organic counterparts have better soil absorption and stay in the soil longer, enriching it.

Improves Quality of Plantlife:

This treatment makes the grass look green, lush, and healthy. It improves the inherent defence mechanism making them stronger to resist pest attack.

Organic methods also restore, maintain and balance the food web making way for organisms to provide for the plant.

Aids the Process of Photosynthesis:

Carbon dioxide is present in organic manure and is released sustainably to help with the photosynthesis process. It is a reliable way to make the plants healthy and keep them free of pests.

It paves the way for a happy combo of environmentally healthy and effective alternatives to care for the lawn.

Climate change and global warming are becoming leading causes of concern. Hence it is imperative to choose alternatives that do not inflict more harm on the environment. Go organic to nurture a healthy lawn and live free of worries about the family’s health.

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