World Needs Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering!-Prajukti

World Needs Sustainable Development in Civil Engineering!-Prajukti

We people belong to the civil and structural engineering field and that’s why we know how much this world is in need of sustainable development. To support this cause, world engineering day is celebrated on 4 March every year. “Engineers aren’t very good at articulating the value of engineering and the impact that engineers and engineering have on society. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk about these aspects and engage the community in the work of engineers”, said, the Past President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Dr. Marlene Kanga who is person behind the idea of celebrating this day. The World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) has also proposed this day to be celebrated to encourage the newly rising talents in this field and to introduce new opportunities and to celebrate the achievements and important contributions of engineers and the developments done by many structural engineers.

Prajukti is one of the civil and structural engineering consultancy which support the same cause that is needed to be followed for sustainable development. Visit the link given below the blog and see the pre-engineered structures by prajukti, one of the best civil engineering firms

Celebration of World Engineering Day is one of the very best ways to  promote engineering as a career and tell people out there that it’s the field that will give you a life experience and good career. It is an opportunity to bring change in the world for the better. Prajukti civil engineering firm believes that there is a great deal to be done when it comes to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals in various countries where support is most needed. Modern engineering gives attention to better lifestyle and healthy living and the factors like access to clean water, sanitation, reliable energy, and other basic human needs can’t be ignored. So, the structures are designed in such a way that these all factors will add value to the living. The upgradation in the field is required because of other reasons like the impacts of climate change, environmental challenges, our growing cities and the effects of new technologies including AI (artificial intelligence). The purpose behind celebrating 4 march is simple and that’s “If you want to change the world for the better, become an engineer and make it happen!”

We can take this forward by following way-

  1. Measuring, monitoring and reporting 

Measuring, monitoring and reporting are important because studying and analysing can help to find the solution of the problem before taking the technical terms into consideration. If we do not monitor and measure, then it is difficult to find the core of the problem. Reporting is important because the suggestions from others can always tell you something about the new invention. 

  1. Capacity, capability and education 

the future challenge of climate change while designing any structure, the future challenges like environmental calamities, carbon reduction and poverty and populations growth can’t be ignored. To make a structure efficient engineer requires new skills and greater capacity and capability, with the necessary engineering capacity, knowledge and skills.

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