5 Easy Ways To Adjust To Your New Prescription Glasses
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5 Easy Ways To Adjust To Your New Prescription Glasses

5 Easy Ways To Adjust To Your New Prescription Glasses

Shifting to new glasses is exciting yet troublesome. You are excited to show off your brand new glasses to everyone. You want to wear them with every outfit. Here You found these spectacles online with a great deal and you are eager to show them. 

But your new glasses make your eyes hurt a lot. You have difficulty in seeing. Everything appears way too clear giving you a headache. Also, things appear closer than they actually are. You are confused about the right depth or position of things. Everything seems warped and troublesome. 

Adjusting to new glasses

Your new glasses are fashionable but you start doubting whether they are actually of the right prescription or not. Your glasses are probably of the right prescription. It’s simply that you are not used to your new glasses giving you false depth perception or vision distortion. You are having a fishbowl effect because of the new glasses. Your vision is the same as the one inside a fishbowl. After adjusting to your new glasses, you stop having these symptoms and you can see clearly and comfortably.

1. Wear glasses regularly

Glasses Frames

How to adjust to new glasses? Obviously by wearing your new glasses. You need to keep wearing your new glasses. You should wear them regularly so as to make your eyes acquaint with your new glasses. Not wearing your glasses because of headache or distorted vision will only lengthen the adjustment period. You will be able to adapt to your new glasses by wearing them as much as you could.

2. Do not use your old glasses

Shifting back to old glasses will not be helpful when you are trying to adjust to your new glasses. Normally, the adjustment period for glasses is about a week or two. For varifocal glasses, it takes longer to adjust and can be up to 6 weeks. If you shift back to your old glasses just because of comfort, you will keep having the symptoms for a long time. 

3. Eye exercises

Eye exercises can help you in getting used to your glasses. You can try out simple eye exercises after getting a headache or start your day by doing some simple eye exercises. These eye exercises can be as simple as rolling your eyes. You can move your eyes from one position to another slowly back and forth for few times. This exercise can relieve your eyes from strain when you are focusing hard to see clearly.

Other exercises

You can try out shifting focus exercise to adjust to new glasses. You can try out exercises like focusing on the tip of your thumb. In this, you move your arm from left to right while keeping your focus on the thumb tip. Doing this exercise for some time will help your eyesight. Your eyes are relieved from strain. You don’t get headaches or eye pains. Vision distortion or fishbowl effect reduces after doing this exercise.

4. Eye drops for ease

If you are getting too much headache, then putting a few drops of eye drops or artificial tear solution will relieve your eyes. Putting a few drops before going to sleep can help in relieving your entire day’s tiredness and also help in giving you sleep.

5. Lenses and lens coatings

Some glasses are easy to adapt to. If you find it hard to adjust to regular glasses, then buy glasses with blue light lenses or anti-glare coatings. These lenses give you glare-free vision, does not strain your eyes and give comfortable, clear view.

Your eyes hurt even after the adjustment period

Adjust With New Glasses Frames

The eye pains and headache will reduce after the adjustment period. If you are still experiencing these symptoms, then your glasses are most probably of the wrong prescription. Schedule an eye test from your optician if the symptoms persist. You should send back your faulty glasses and get cheap prescription glasses made with precision. You can add quality coatings for more comfortable vision and ease in getting adjusted. 


By wearing anti-glare glasses or blue light glasses, you will feel less strain in your eyes. You will have ease of view and see clearly. You will be able to adapt to these glasses very quickly. If you suffer severe headaches because of change in glasses, go for quality glasses which have an anti-glare coating or blue-light lenses. Buy online glasses with these special lenses and coatings. You can try out Specscart, which provides high-quality lenses at cheap prices. You can try out these lenses for easy adaptability and enjoy clear and comfortable vision.

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