5 Reasons People Hate the Alabama Crimson Tide

5 Reasons People Hate the Alabama Crimson Tide

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the best known for its education system. It is one of the first choices for students across the country and throughout the world to pursue further education.

The education system is comprehensive and in line with the latest updates in the educational field. Many students take stable employment and make their careers after completing their degrees from colleges affiliated with the university.

Besides, the colleges are also known to bestow the right knowledge in the right way. Their student orientation programs are known to help pupils in making their education and degrees purposeful.

Besides, the colleges are known for their good interactiveness; they promote socialization of the students. Once they take up employments, they become supportive of their colleagues and survive through the stressful situations of the market’s competitive nature.

The University of Alabama Supply Store is a one-point solution for students to buy anything they need under one roof. You can find caps, clothes, books, study materials, stationery items, like pencils, pens, and so on from the website. Also, the clothes and accessories are printed with the Bama logo and emblems.

Despite all these intriguing features, there are some commonly raised concerns that most students report. The crimson tide is one of the most widely celebrated events by university students. Although most students participate in the event upfront, there are several concerns with it that most pupils dislike the Crimson tide.

Below are five reasons why people hate the Crimson tide held by Alabama university.

1 The Fans

Like every sporting event, the Crimson tide event has participating teams. Many sports groups partake in the event, and the competition gets real and severe. Therefore, the fans are some of the most supportive but also powerful patrons of their team.

It is said that the Alabama fans are the rudest of all eventers in the USA. The data can be collated from the way the fans react on social media sites and blogs. Any comment, be it supportive, pejorative, or neutral, on such websites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and so on, attracts many conflicts on those platforms.

2 National Titles

Another thing that has attracted many predicaments and has stirred conflicts between supporters and haters of the university is their use of the title ‘national champions.’ The title itself is controversial, so much so that people regard them as boastful.

What’s a more significant concern? There are in total thirteen such national titles that make the haters hold the teams with contempt.

The NCAA accepts but does not award the ‘Consensus national champions.’ They go back only to 1950 for counting the consensus national titles.

3 The Bryant Denny Stadium

The increasing number of Alabama teams’ fans has become a concern for the physical accommodation even in the colossal stadium like the Bryant Denny Stadium.

The fans’ strength was nearly above the 100,000 marks in the 2010 season. The admittance in the stadium was a big challenge in the first place. Besides, the roaring and rumbling crowd is the most abhorring thing to deal with. It also makes Bryant Denny a potentially dangerous place to travel through during the season. There are instances of outbreaks of riots amongst followers and supporters of different teams.

However, the online University of Alabama Supply Store doesn’t seem to be affected as they can accommodate the students and fans’ needs for each of their needs.

4 Traditions

There are quite a few things for which Alabama as a state and its university are famous. The million-dollar band is an example, and smoking cigars after winning against Tennessee is another good example of its rich tradition, university, and culture related to the university events and functions.

These traditions are also considered very one-sided and may be regarded to have a subtle sign of offensiveness. Many students and fans even voice it out on social media and use imagery to denigrate the opposing teams.

5 No suitable ground

The events are usually held in the Bryant Denny stadium. However, due to the high strength of fans of both the groups, the venue is often inadequate for accommodating most people. Other venues are often the choice due to their relatively more spacious nature.

Tuscaloosa is one such often preferred venue for the sporting event. However, it often proves very noisy; it is designed not to escape the easily created sound when completely crowded.

To Conclude

These were five common reasons why the people hate the Alabama Crimson tide. It all comes to the fans, their traditions, and titles chosen by them. There are known for their rude behavior manifesting in all forms.

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