5 Tips to Prepare Your PIANO for Shopping in the Movement

5 Tips to Prepare Your PIANO for Shopping in the Movement

Protect your piano from skilled management

The piano is a heavy instrument with an average weight of 250 kg. In addition, pianos are bulky and fragile objects that must be handled with care. If you need to transport pianos, please contact me an experienced piano transport company near Ottawa, you will definitely do so. Since the piano is a considerable investment, your transportation company should have accident insurance.

Some important techniques for preparing your piano before the day of movement:

For detailed information about the piano and its location, please notify the piano manufacturer nearest you. When the mover arrives, you don’t want any surprises. Make sure you take time to measure the piano in advance. For grand pianos, measure the length from the keyboard to the extreme point of its curve. For pianos, measure the height from the top of the lid to the floor.

Place the piano in clothes

Put a soft pillow around the piano to avoid scratches or dents on the piano surface. Otherwise, you may need to update it later, which can be very expensive. Most Ottawa piano moves will wrap your piano with a blanket, so you don’t have to do this.

Request the appliance

Make sure that the transportation company has the equipment needed to move the piano, such as B. A trolley and a piano board. The cart must be strong enough to support the weight of the piano attached to the board. Other tools that shipping companies often have on hand include ramps, slings, swing mats, and piano skates.

Don’t break the piano

If you have a grand piano, the moving company can remove the lid, lyre and piano legs for easy transportation. If your piano is upright, you may remove the wheels to balance the piano on a mobile platform. Removal of dirt and dust can make it easier for the shipper to remove.

Have a scheme

When making an appointment, discuss the best way to move the piano out of the house and to a new location. Then solve the problem in advance by clearing the path for the employee to move between the two locations.

Following these tips will ensure that the Ottawa Piano Moving Company near me can do the job efficiently. Although moving will not affect your tone or mood, you still need to make an appointment for tuning a few weeks after moving. Allow the piano to adapt to the temperature and humidity in the new location.

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