6 Smart Shopper Tips for Scoring Great Deals on Branded Items

6 Smart Shopper Tips for Scoring Great Deals on Branded Items

Have you experienced waiting in long queues before a big store sale and fighting over every signature item that catches your eye? If you have, then you can surely appreciate the luxury and comfort that online shopping offers.

With just a few clicks, you’re on your way to completing your awesome ensemble of branded clothing and accessories without getting into grueling in-store situations or busting your budget.

Of course, you shouldn’t get careless just because you can buy Dolce & Gabbana clothing, bags, and accessories (and many more) at less than half their original price. Instead, keep these six smart shopper tips in mind so you can score great deals for branded items every single time.

1. Look for Free Shipping

Plenty of online promotions you’ll find these days can help you save more money compared to when you shop in physical stores. However, some also charge high shipping fees that usually eat up the amount you saved from the sale.

So, instead of rushing the purchase just because of a limited-time sale, take your time and look around for free shipping offers. The product may cost a bit more at the price tag, but your purchase’s total cost will be significantly lower if you find a free shipping offer.

Some stores offer free shipping for a minimum amount of purchase or offer promo codes at random to help you save on postage. Either way, you have to compute and compare the total cost (product plus shipping) to ensure you get the best deal available.

2. Coupon Up

Coupons are not only great for online grocery shopping they can also save you lots of money for branded items.

Besides free shipping vouchers, lots of online stores provide discounts and freebies that come in the form of digital coupons. You just have to apply your skills in using Internet searches.

From a simple Google search to the use of coupon apps and websites, there are plenty of ways to get promo codes when online shopping. You can also make your search store-specific or brand-specific, depending on what you’re looking for.

By putting in a little effort and being a bit tech-savvy, you could shave off 10 to 25 percent from the total cost of your order.

3.Try Online Outlet Shopping

Based on studies, more than 140 outlet chains in the US offered an average of 38 percent off of their branded goods. The better news is that these stores moved closer to major metropolitan areas.

But that’s not the best news yet. Thanks to the Internet, you can now buy branded items for better prices without getting up from your couch.

Brand outlets online have as many choices as physical stores – sometimes, even more. You’ll also find plenty of huge discounts and incredible deals for your favorite brands.

Thanks to a mutually beneficial relationship between outlet stores and fashion houses, the former can sell branded products as low as 90 percent off their original price.

Besides straight discounts, some brand outlets also conduct seasonal and clearance sales where you can buy limited-edition goods at very low prices.

4.Time Your Shopping Right

Besides seasonal and clearance sales at the end of the year, some online stores also schedule their own sale during different days of the week (think: Cyber Monday and Black Friday). The key is to time your shopping right based on what you intend to buy.

For shoes, clothing, and accessories, TIME reported the following schedule of store sales promotions based on data from the San Francisco company ShopItToMe.com:

● Sundays for swimsuits
● Mondays for dress pants (for men and women) and sunglasses
● Tuesdays for men’s clothing
● Wednesdays for shoes and children’s apparel
● Thursday for handbags
● Fridays for scarves, belts, and jewelry
● Saturdays for lingerie and outerwear or jackets

5.Don’t Check Out Immediately After Adding to Cart

Putting items on your online cart doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay for them immediately. In fact, abandoning your cart for several days can help you save on the purchase, as some sites offer better prices when following it up.

If you’re lucky, you can get between 10 and 20 percent discount by not acting on your purchase immediately. As an added bonus, leaving your cart without checking out immediately also helps you avoid making purchases based on impulse.

6.Follow Brands on Social Media

As part of their marketing strategy, many companies are quite active on social media. But apart from sharing news and updates on their latest line, these brands also offer random flash sales exclusively for their social media followers.

In short, following your favorite brand on Instagram actually pays.

Just don’t get reckless. Be on the lookout for offers but avoid blowing through your savings because of impulsive buying.

Shop Smart and Score Deals Online

Scoring great deals online can save you lots of money without requiring too much effort. You just have to know when, where, and how to shop. Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to make the most of your purchase.

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