7 Amazing Features of DSLR Camera You Must Know

7 Amazing Features of DSLR Camera You Must Know

Buying a DSLR camera is a tough job especially when you are buying your first ever DSLR camera. The first time you buy a camera, you are entering this whole new world of cameras with random terms like shutter speed, aperture, pixels, lenses, ISO, etc. being thrown at you and you are nothing but confused. You are spoilt for choice because of all the amazing brands out there like do you choose Nikon or Canon or Sony? Which is the best camera of them all in your price range? And the biggest question you have is “What are the features you should be looking for?” This article tries to answer that big question for you by telling you the 7 amazing features of DSLR Cameras.

Interchangeable lenses

Most DSLR cameras have the choice to change the focal point, i.e. the lenses. This implies you can fix distinctive lenses onto your camera body for various employments. For example, a wide edge focal point for catching insides, and a zooming lens for taking pictures of subjects that are far away. For amateurs an adaptable focal point that can deal with a genuinely wide scene (ie 24mm), and can likewise zoom somewhat, for example, to around 100mm. This allows you to explore photography by clicking pictures of small and big objects by changing the lenses whenever needed. There are various online platforms from where you can buy DSLR cameras.

RAW Format

Practically all cameras can catch pictures in JPEG design, which is one of the principal groups for handled pictures. JPEG records are compacted so the document sizes aren’t too enormous. This is incredible for voyaging when you will probably take huge amounts of photos. RAW photos are natural picture documents. They contain a lot of picture data and are incredible for making changes in accordance with your pictures, or redressing pictures that have turned out badly. In the event that you are a genuine picture taker and need to make heaps of alters to your photos, and possibly offer them, at that point yes you do should probably catch RAW. RAW files help you when you have to heavily edit the photo and have raw data which can be easily edited. This is one of the main features which makes cameras so expensive.

ISO Range

ISO is how much your DSLR camera exposes the image by allowing light to pass. Numerous cameras presently have a colossal ISO extend going great more than 10,000 ISO. In spite of the fact that having a high ISO can enable you to get pictures in low light, it will likewise imply that your pictures may turn out grainy with heaps of noise. Many cameras presently have a tremendous ISO run, yet this doesn’t really mean your camera will take extraordinary pictures at these settings. They might be lower quality and have huge amounts of noise. You’ll discover most cameras have at any rate ISO 100-6400 which is a decent range, and after that any higher is a reward, despite the fact that you may never utilize it. Nikon has a wide range for ISO. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can buy Nikon DSLR.

Focus Points

When shooting with autofocus the camera utilizes the center focuses to discover the components of an image that ought to be in core interest. The more center focuses than the more exact the camera ought to be. Around 9 center focuses are a decent number for tenderfoots and intermediates. The focal point is the center focuses that allow the camera to grasp every aspect onto the image by making sure everything is under focus.

Video Recording

DSLRs have amazing video recording option for shooting in high quality. They shoot stable and crisp footage which allows you to capture every element in the video. Many cameras like Canon and Sony alpha capture videos in 4K quality. You can buy Sony Camera at extremely low prices.

Camera Modes

DSLRs have the special quality of having camera modes which range from auto mode where the camera changes the features and settings on its own depending upon what you are capturing, while at the same time there is a manual mode which allows you to play with the settings and change them according to your preferences. There are camera modes specially designed for low lighting images or portrait images or night images.

Preview of Depth of Field

Preview of Depth of field is a setting that enables you to set the aperture and later observe through the viewfinder the amount of the view is in core focus. At the point when this setting isn’t turned on then the picture you see through the viewfinder will be the concentration at the most stretched out gap, (for example, F/4), and after that the camera would regularly just conform to the picked gap (ie (F/16) when you press the screen catch and snap a photo.

Before you buy a branded product such as Nikon DSLR camera, you need to inquire about the Nikon DSLR price from various sources and then make a final decision.

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