7 Mobile Phone Accessories in India To Buy at Low Prices

7 Mobile Phone Accessories in India To Buy at Low Prices

A mobile phone has formed such an integral part of our lives that we just can’t do without some good phone accessories. As much as these seem important to us, it still bothers us to spend a great deal of money on them and the search for inexpensive accessories always goes on. Here are list of mobile accessories that are completely affordable and makes for a good pair with your phone (other than you of course!)

1. Phone Case

There are several types of mobile cases such as holsters, pouches, flip cases, wallets, leather case etc. and all serve basically the same purpose — protect your phone. The first thing we definitely invest in, after buying a phone, is its case. These can be found in a zillion patterns and designs and are totally affordable. They prevent the phone from scratches and other damages when you accidently drop it. A nice case that gives good coverage must be bought to prevent major losses.

2. Mobile Phone Holder

It is used for holding a phone in car or bike while keeping it safe and secure. Nowadays, when GPS navigation is so common and comes really handy, this mobile accessory becomes a necessity. It helps to keep your phone in place with a good visibility according to your own preference.

3. Mobile stand

Mobile phones these days have become so versatile that sometimes laptops seem cumbersome to handle. It seems much convenient to do tasks on a phone or even watch something on it leisurely. In such situation, holding on to the phone for a long time seems a bit off. And so, mobile stands serve the right purpose here. Binge watch, do tasks or read news for long intervals using a mobile stand that aren’t too expensive either!

4. Wireless charger

If your phone is compatible with wireless charging, then you can buy one. Just place your phone on this flat surface in any orientation and it will start charging. It’s cable-free, travel-friendly and completely affordable.

5. Cable protector

It’s not so uncommon to see the insulation of charging cable torn off at its joint. It certainly becomes irritating to handle and ugly to see once that happens and is totally irreversible. Use cable protectors which cover the part of your charging cable, where cord is attached to the plug, and hold it well so that the cord doesn’t hang.

6. Tripod Mount

As clicking pictures have become quite a sensation, smartphone tripod stand have found its importance. If you think that this accessory is quite expensive, just look online and your misconceptions will fade away. It becomes extra efficient to click nice pictures in an outdoor setting with this one.

7. Pop sockets

They say prevention is better than cure. And I say, if phone cases are so important than pop sockets are too! If phone case protects the phone after it falls down, a pop socket prevents it from falling in the first place. So investing in this one would be a smart move. Not to forget, they add a nice element to your phone when chosen in a unique design. They also can be used to wrap around your earphones on them while not using and keep them untangled! Bonus? These come at throwaway prices!

If you have an expensive phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be high maintenance as well. Keep your phone in great shape even at affordable prices and make a good use of it in all situations.

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