Amazon Did This? Customers Are Gruntled!

Amazon Did This? Customers Are Gruntled!

These are ways that Amazon do to let customers buy a lot or purchase selected items online, it’s amazing that online buyers always had a great deal per purchase! Check out this awesome list of things that Amazon did for your online shopping!

Amazon Deals


There are certain type of deals that Amazon announce, these deals are often time limited and time-sensitive:

1. Off To College Deals

June is turning out to be a busy month for Amazon. Not only are we weeks away from the start of Amazon Prime Day 2019, but we’re also in the early stages of back-to-school season. This Amazon deal is exclusive for students that are starting off for College and they can get up to 30% off on selected college essentials.

2. Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals can be found throughout, and are available on the Today’s Deals page or Prime Day page. Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until either the promotion period for the deal expires or all the available inventory is claimed. Since Lightning Deals are time-sensitive, it’s important to complete your order as soon as possible. You can sign up to watch a Lightning Deal up to 24 hours before it begins.

3. Limited-Time Discounts

It can also be found throughout inside Today’s Deals page or Prime Day Page, selected items are available within a designated time period with the lowest price or discount rates raging from 10% upto 90% off, if you’re lucky and early you might get the item that you want with free shipping!

Worry Free Warranties

These warranties are tied with your purchased items in Amazon, it can either be Monthly Warranty, Yearly Warranty, Kindle Warranty, and even Repair Warranty. It depends on what items you buy in Amazon and whatever items you purchase always comes with a free warranty.

Discount Codes


It’s no doubt that discount codes is a must have if you are an online shopaholic, with range of discounts from 20% up to a hundred percent and a variety of freebies, you will surely love to spend time shopping online!

Amazon also engage the use of giftcards and an online price tracker website and mobile app called “DPriceIt” where you can monitor loads of currently selling items that are much cheaper that usual price, for free! Come check it out! –> DPriceIt.


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