Availability of Magnificent Tension Set Rings in Singapore

Availability of Magnificent Tension Set Rings in Singapore

Do you count yourself among those people who are really obsessed with diamond rings? Then we can say one thing for sure that the placing of diamonds in ordinary rings must be really unsatisfactory for you. As utmost fraction of the diamond gets unseen in the metallic part you can’t actually enjoy the factual look of the precious stone you had spent that much for. Wants to know the solution for that? The new creation in ring design is the tension set rings where diamonds are set by pressurizing them in between. Therefore the look of the whole diamond can be admired without sacrifice.

Now you would want to know the name of the place in Singapore where you can get Tension Set rings. So MDT Design, an award winning supplier is always there to provide you service anywhere in Singapore. Our store is located in Melbourne but that doesn’t limit our services in Singapore. The positives of purchasing from us include:

  • Availability of high quality and rare Australian diamonds as Argyle Diamonds
  • Amazing designs & exclusive collection
  • costs are kept at very cutthroat & sensible level
  • client welcoming services that will triumph your mind
  • Special Warranty on all of our products

We can always be contacted through a phone call or an email. For having a brief look at our collection you can visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook. We understand that while purchasing anything expensive everyone wants to go to someone who is trustworthy enough. To assure you for the quality of our product we will give you a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. So without any worries just contact us for getting the best Tension Set Rings manufactured. It would be a matter of pleasure to serve you.

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