Best Fitted Sheets Manufacturers in Pakistan

Best Fitted Sheets Manufacturers in Pakistan


Rainbow hosiery (Pvt) Limited was launched in 1992. The Company produces high-quality Textile products and exporting regularly from Europe, America, South America, South Africa, and the Middle East to its prestigious clients. The goods of the company are Jersey, Terry, Micro terry, Micro interlock, Brushed terry.  The fitted sheets are in different sizes according to the size of the mattresses. The fitted sheetsare made of 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester.


Fitted sheets keep our mattresses protected and act as a barrier. However, the wrong fitted sheet can end up being a nightmare sometimes, with it slipping off and getting tangled around your feet at night. Today we are going to look at the best-fitted sheets and how to find the perfect one for you.

The fitted sheet is really easy to care for and is wrinkle, stain, fade, and shrink resistant. The fitted sheets also have hypoallergenic qualities that work to resist allergens and dust mites, and is very breathable, with moisture-wicking capabilities that help to keep you cool throughout the night, yet still keep you warm on cooler nights.

Type of Fitted Sheets

1 – Institutional:

Institutional best-fitted bed sheets that are incredibly tough wearing and lasting an extremely extended period. It Provides immense comfort, breathability, and temperature regulation. The unique knitting technique allows the fabric to expand without losing its density.

2 – Jacquard terry sheets

These cheap Jacquard Terry fitted sheets are made from the luxurious terry fabric that absorbs moisture and promotes a refreshing feeling. These fitted sheets are premium fit for any emperor UK or European sized mattress. The knitted terry fabric features a thick texture, heat retention, soft touch, and absorbs moisture.

3 – Double jersey sheets

The double jersey fitted are Easy care, high elasticity, and double elastic bands. These fitted sheets have Extra deep, suitable even for thick mattresses. These sheets are Breathable and offer durable comfortable. No chemicals used in manufacturing. 

4 – 50 | 50 Poly Cotton sheets

These cheap 50 50 Poly Cotton fitted sheets deliver deep fitting with fully elasticized corners and accommodate the depth of a standard-sized mattress. Cotton helps regulate temperature and wicks away moisture form these fitted sheets. Polyester gives the bedding real staying power with its easy-care traits.

5 – Microfiber Jersey Sheets

These Cheap Microfiber Jersey fitted sheets is the most-loved, comforting, long-lasting, and soft. These fitted sheets are super thin synthetic fibers are woven together to form this enduring microfiber fabric. These sheets are Affordable, soft, resist pilling and cover the matters evenly with stretchable features and secure elastics. 

6 – Cotton fitted sheets

These cotton fitted sheets are Available with deep pockets, fully elasticized, breathable, and Leave a buttery-soft feel. These fitted sheets are Cool, crisp, durable, and wrinkle-resistant.

7  – Lycra fitted sheets

These Lycra fitted sheets are the best bed sheets for children to prepare them for a good night’s sleep. Cheap. Lycra(spandex) Fitted Sheets firmly slip over the mattress and have room for stretching, pushing, and crawling, which children usually do on bed.

8 – Microfiber interlock sheets

These Microfiber fitted sheets with deep pockets and firm elastic all around. They also regulate body temperature and keep the body warm and fresh. The interlocking technique leaves a softer than silk feel and best for people with sensitive skin.

9 – Melange fitted sheets

These best quality Melange Fitted Sheets manufactured with finely spun combed yarns of cotton & polyester. These are Cheap Melange Fitted Sheets leave a softer feel, subtle luster, and enduring durability. They have Minimalistic design & unmatched quality. Also, these fitted sheets are Waterless dyeing, fights bacteria, eco-friendly, & suitable for sensitive skin.

10 –  Molton 80 20 fitted sheets

These Cheap Moltens 80 20 fitted sheets contain 80% cotton and 20% Polyester and therefore, feel soft and comfortable. The best bed fitted sheets manufactured for optimum protection against impurities to the mattress. Laundry washable, luxurious, and functional features.

11 –  Molten 50 50 sheets

The best bed fitted sheets are made up of 100% organic cotton that delivers long-lasting endurance and premium luxury. They have no shrinking of textiles even after multiple washes.

12-   Molton polyester sheets

The Best quality Moltens Polyester fitted sheets that uses high-quality synthetic polyester. Firm elastic with speedy fitting on even the deepest mattresses. The Best bed fitted sheets that ensure durability and the best value for money.

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