How to Find the Best Jogging and Sports Shoes for Women

How to Find the Best Jogging and Sports Shoes for Women

Over the years I have accumulated dozens of pairs of running shoes. My search for the best sports shoes for women sometimes seems like an unending battle. Running as a hobby is a passion I have developed that takes time, inclination to run and the perfect pair of jogging shoes for women. The perfect shoe being equally important as it is the only piece of equipment you take while running.

If done correctly, a shoe is actually quite a complicated piece of art put together. Each part of a running shoe is designed separately and put together. Even the slightest mismatch between choice of material used, stitching quality and seam, sole thickness and tread may affect your experience by leaps and bounds in either direction.

Over the years I have realised a few tips and tricks mostly through trial and error to find the perfect pair of joggers and running shoes.

Here is a list of items one should check before Buying Jogging Shoes for Women:

The upper part

This is the part of the shoe that does not touch the ground. It is generally made up of various kinds of fabrics or leather sewn together sometimes in the form of a mesh like structure for better air-flow and to make them lightweight. Make sure that this part fits your foot perfectly and does not rub or chafe against the skin.

Ankle space or collar

All running and jogging shoes have a space on the top where your ankle fits. Sometimes a lot of padding is added to this part to ensure that the foot stays inside the shoe while running. Make sure to check that this does not rub against your ankle as it could irritate the Achilles tendon. Not a good spot to irritate while running.

Strong Heels

Some of the newer shoes do not use heel counters to allow greater freedom of movement. I feel and research has shown that they support the heel and help with stable landings while running.

Saddle settings

With many types of saddles available to perfect hold your foot snugly while running, saddle settings allow you the freedom to tighten your shoe as per your requirements.


This is the part that hits the road or track when you run. It is oftentimes made up of rubber of varying toughness and flexibility to provide the necessary protection from below and bounce to help you run. Make sure that this part is not overly stiff and is flexible enough to let your feet move in a natural manner. Also check if it is not too thick thus adding extra weight to your shoe.

Tread on the sole

This might be the most important item as it provides the necessary grip to allow your body to move while running. Depending upon your exercise regime there are many patterns of treads available that give you perfect balance from running on an even surface to maybe a cross-country marathon. Different soles have different purpose so do check these thoroughly to enjoy your run.

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