Bindomatic 7000 – A Powerful Thermal Binding Machine of the Time!

Bindomatic 7000 – A Powerful Thermal Binding Machine of the Time!

The need to print documents like office files, sales materials etc. is still quite common in business organisations. Though when you need to prepare high quality and fully professionally bound files, you should look for an advanced binding machine. Having a binding machine in your company will eliminate the need to use the services of an external binder.

Bindomatic 7000

It is seen that in big organisations where regular document binding requirements arise, people prefer to invest in a binding machine. Today, there are many types of binding machines available in the market to choose from; however, a thermal binding machine is one of the most advanced binders of the time. Bindomatic 7000 is a great thermal binding machine that is designed with many exceptional features to make binding simpler, faster and better.

Overview of Binding 7000 – Thermal Binding Machine

Although, there are many other thermal binding machine models available in the market the Bindomatic 7000 is the first ever automated thermal binder which is regarded as a champion over all other solutions available in this class. Featuring an unrivalled binding capacity, it can bind 20 documents per minute. If you compare the quality and performance of this binder with any other similar type of binding machines, you will find it the best finishing solution available in the market today.

It is known for providing simplicity, flexibility and great binding capacity that you cannot find from any other binder. It is a robust, flexible and fully automatic solution for large as well as mid-sized organisations.

As far as the performance and binding speed of this machine are concerned, it enables users to bind up to 1,800 document per hour. This speed makes it perfect for all high-end printers and copiers. It is fully capable of giving documents a book-like look. So, Bindomatic 7000 is a perfect solution to all businesses and their document binding needs.

Features of Bindomatic 7000

• Allows users to bind up to 30 documents in a minute
• It can bind up to 150 sheets documents at a time
• An automated binder
• Perfect binder for the core printed environments and busy offices
• It can bind hard as well as soft covers and that too without using any specific tool
• Drop in the document and it will bind them on its own
• No need to hire a binding operator
• Fully user-friendly solution
• Features many standard options in finishes and colours
• A cost-effective binding solution
• 12 x faster than any traditional binding and punching solution
• Supports A4 and A5 document formats
• Easy to use
• Fast warm up and binding cycle
• Features a digital measuring guide to select the required cover size of a file
• It has a measurement system for bind thickness that helps to deliver desired results.
• Typical applications to use Bindomatic 7000 thermal binding machine are generating reports, making menus, legal documents, statements, training manuals, account statements, presentations, proposals etc.
• 1 Year warranty

So, Bindomatic 7000 is a great binding solution that comes with incredible features to make binding simpler and easier for everyone. To operate this machine, you do not require any binding experience, a novice can operate it because of its simple operation and easy to use features.

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