Black Friday Deals In Pakistan 24 November 2017

Black Friday Deals In Pakistan 24 November 2017

In Pakistan, Black Friday is not yet a long-standing tradition. Although small traders and online shops have been launching operations of limited size for a few years, this does not give rise to a true Black Friday atmosphere like in the United States. First, in 2015, Manor decided to add to the Christmas shopping period a superb Black Friday special offer. It proposed a reduction of not less than 30% on all departments. It was a shock for all retail businesses in Pakistan. No one else had prepared a special offer. With this skilful operation, Manor was able to boost its Christmas sales. The Manor spokesperson suggested that Black Friday’s turnover was 3 times larger than usual Black Friday.

In Pakistan, the Singles Festival has not arrived yet. Last year, H & M offered a relatively unnoticed offer: an 11% discount on the full line of products online. Due to the date placed shortly before Black Friday, there may be more offers this year for the Singles Day. We keep you informed anyway

This year, Black Friday will be even more important, the reductions even more extreme, and you can still enjoy more than in recent years. The prize hackers will be delighted by the cool offers and deals on November 24, 2017. We will keep you up-to-date on rumors and information about the biggest shopping event in Pakistan – by newsletter, on Facebook, or on this site. To impress your friends, remember the following facts from this article: Black Friday is the biggest shopping day in Pakistan The Singles Festival is more echoed internationally than Black Friday In Pakistan, every year there are more and more offers from Black Friday Black Friday is an invention of the United States

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