Why You Should Buy Affordable Wedding Rings?

Why You Should Buy Affordable Wedding Rings?

ome people generally love the idea of buying expensive things. Buying expensive rings has been many people’s tradition for a very long time. Men and women believe that an expensive ring signifies a special and a long lasting union. Companies selling expensive rings take advantage of this belief and hike the prices of these rings. The price tag on a ring is no guarantee that a marriage will last. Why should you strain yourself financially just to buy one ring when there are plenty of affordable rings out there? Here are some aspects you should consider when shopping for a ring.

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Buy Affordable Wedding Rings

1. An investment or a ring?

The cheapest diamond ring costs $3500. Imagine using this amount for only one ring. This amount is enough to buy one very affordable ring and start or invest in a business. A good decision entails buying an inexpensive ring and using the rest of your money for something else. Some people perceive this information and that is why they buy affordable rings. It is wise to invest as much money as possible in this economically unstable world. Buying an affordable ring helps a lot because you get to save and invest the rest of your money.

2. You can’t go bankrupt

Some rings are so expensive that getting one may leave you bankrupt. Most people tend to love the idea of getting expensive rings because of one reason or the other. Getting a ring you can afford is however, a very wise decision. In fact, there are many beautiful affordable rings in the ring market that look very attractive and durable. You should consider getting a cheap ring because in the end, you will have saved some money besides from the fact that you will get a priceless ring. Why should you establish your marriage on debts and bankruptcy? Buy an affordable ring and get married when you are financially stable.

3. It’s the thought that counts

People buy rings for numerous reasons. Most people get rings for engagements and weddings. When you are getting a ring for your beloved, she or he will be definitely thrilled at the thought of getting married to you. The good news is that you don’t have to get loans or save money for a long time in order to get a ring. There are very many nice looking and durable rings in the ring market. A majority of these rings are very affordable. If you want to spend your life with someone you love, don’t let the price of a ring delay you. Get that affordable ring and propose.

4. An expensive ring does not guarantee a successful marriage

Contrary to what many people think, an expensive ring has never and will never guarantee a happy and long lasting marriage. Many people have bought their spouses very expensive rings and sadly, some of their marriages have ended in tears and debts. In fact very many people who bought cheap rings seem to have happy marriages compared to those with very expensive ring. Spending excess money on something does not necessarily mean that it will work, although it does for others. Statistics show that people who spend a lot of money on engagement rings have higher divorce rates than men who buy cheap rings. This does not necessarily mean that your marriage will end, but buying something you can afford should be in your best interest.

5. Love has no price tag

Love does not have a price. There is no fault in buying a loved one something classy and affordable. An expensive ring is said to be a token and commitment but so is an affordable ring. What of the people with cheap rings whose marriages are very outstanding and admirable? True love has no cost, and this is enough reason for you to buy what you can afford.

5 types of affordable rings you should consider buying.

1. Moissanite ring

moissanite ring

This is one of the best yet affordable rings in the ring market. A moissanite ring is not only cost friendly but also durable, sparkly and comes in beautiful designs. Many people mistake moissanite rings for diamond rings because of their striking resembling features. It is the best diamond alternative ring for people on low budgets.

2. Cubic Zirconia ring

cubic zirconia ring

This is yet another economical yet good type of ring you should think of getting. A cubic zirconia ring comes in very beautiful colors and designs. It also comes in trendy designs for people with different tastes in fashion. Although the price of these rings is pocket friendly, they look quite expensive. They possess a beautiful and classic look which women love and they glitter even in dim lights.

3. Morganite ring

morganite ring

A morganite ring is another good alternative of a diamond ring. Like the moissanite ring, it is a long lasting and rare gemstone. It is not only very long lasting but also inexpensive. They are very sparkly and shiny and posses different colors. Most of these rings are pink in color and this is a color that ladies adore.

4. White sapphire ring

white sapphire ring

A white sapphire ring is a type of ring loved by women. It is a very rare and hard gemstone not to talk of its very friendly price. A sapphire ring also comes in many colors like yellow, pink white and black. Because of its hard nature, this ring lasts for a long time. If you are looking for a cheap yet classy ring, then this might just be the ring for you.

5. Aquamarine ring

aquamarine ring

If you are looking for a ring you can afford at the same time exclusive, then you should get an aquamarine ring. This type of ring is very gorgeous and durable because of their hard nature. They are also very versatile and have a crystal clear appearance.

6. Black Diamond Ring

black diamond ring

Black diamond ring is the new power, it gives you that distinctive and eccentric elegance which is hard to get from other color diamonds ring, so if you are looking for a bit more innovative contemporary jewelry you can surly go for black diamond stone.


There are many reasons why some people believe that engagement rings have to be expensive. There is no reason why you should strain yourself financially in order to buy a ring when there are plenty of glamorous and inexpensive rings in the market. The cost of buying an expensive ring outweighs the benefits. There are many types of classy and affordable rings. Getting a cheap ring has many advantages so you should probably get one.

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