Buyer’s Guide To Sleeping Bags For Babies

Buyer’s Guide To Sleeping Bags For Babies

Finding the perfect sleeping bag for your baby can become quite a task as you have to make sure that your baby can sleep comfortably in it. Sleep is the most important thing in your baby’s life. Having a good sleep would not only keep your baby’s mood good, but it would also keep them healthy and fit. Even though there are several top-notch brands like Bubba Blue that make different varieties of baby sleeping bags, it becomes tough for a mother to choose the perfect sleeping bag for their kids. However, this buyer’s guide would help you to choose the right sleeping bag with the perfect thickness and togs. Here’s a look at some factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy the sleeping bag.

  • Your baby’s age

You have to make sure that the sleeping bag is not too tight. Having some excess material near the toes would allow your baby some kicking room that they will appreciate. Well-known manufacturers like Bubba Blueproduce multiple bags of varied sizes based on the age range. The age range generally starts from six months and ends at eighteen months max. In addition to that, you should also consider adjustable features like button up bottoms and extendable elasticated waistbands that would allow the sleeping bag that you bought, grow with the baby.

Sizing the sleeping bag according to the age of the baby would help you to ensure that your baby does not slip down inside. Hence, the upper half, along with the neck and armholes, should not be too big.

  • Tog requirement

The measurement of thermal resistance is known as tog. In simple words, it determines how warm the material of the sleeping bag is due to the thickness of the material. Higher togs indicate that the sleeping bag is warmer and thicker, while lower togs indicate that the sleeping bag is slimmer and less warm. Most of the sleeping bags can be found in three different tog ratings.

  1.  2.5 tog for everyday use irrespective of the weather.
  2. 1 tog for daytime naps and warm summer months.
  3. 0.5 togs for holidays in hot regions, and hot summer nights and days.

You can even look for tog-less sleeping bags that you can use throughout the year. These sleeping bags are generally made up of Merino wool that traps as well as releases heat and moisture to keep the baby warm when he/she is cold or cool when the climate gets hot.

  • Place of use

You can use a sleeping bag in your buggy or your car only if the bag is complemented with loops or holes for those harness straps. If the sleeping bag has a two-way zip, both back and front, it will make it easier for you to regulate the five-point harness via the bag without even causing any disturbance to your sleeping baby.

Manufacturers like Bubba Blue also feature their baby sleeping bags with poppers or zippers at the bottom edge and around the sides that would allow you to avoid undressing your baby totally to change their diapers.


Hence, sleeping bags are a must-have baby accessory that you should buy to help your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably. They come in different vibrant colours, styles, textures, and materials from which you can choose to make your baby look fashionable even when they are sleeping. This buying guide would help you to buy the perfect sleeping bag for your baby as they deserve nothing but the best.


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