Buying a Smartphone During Lockdown?

Buying a Smartphone During Lockdown?

Life comes at you snappy, it’s much of the time said. In any case, development comes at you a lot sharper. To such a degree, that it’s as often as possible very hard to keep up. Harder still to close which phone’s optimal for your prerequisites. Do you genuinely require the latest model with all the excessive adornments? Or then again, will a year back’s handset had all the important characteristics okay?

Given that, we’ve rounded up an amateur’s manual for buying a mobile phone during the lockdown period. It’s all that you anytime expected to consider PDAs, in any case, were too reluctant to even consider inquiring. Things being what they are, would you say you are prepared to acquire a phone that can transform you? All things considered, nowadays cell phones decide the adjustment in your life. All in all, would you say you are searching for an adjustment in your telephone? Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to redesign it to another level?

We know how hard it is to step out of your home these days, because of the widespread of the pandemic. But, imagine a situation where you need to buy a smartphone for yourself? There are a lot of factors that will pass your mind. The first thing that will cross is the thought of affordability because you cannot spend a lot of money on buying a phone especially during a crisis like this. Next and the most important thing is the place of buy. Where shall you get one?

Like pointed out before, stepping out and buying a phone is not advised to. Also, no shops would be open including the small seller shops. So, you would go for online purchase of mobile phones, which is safer and much economical during this condition. But, can everybody afford it? Even the giant sellers like Amazon and Flipkart, have made a limited number in selling phones. Now, here are a few ways which seem to be feasible for all of us to buy one during this lockdown.

OLX is an option!

Many people suggest that it is not advised to buy a second-hand phone. But, if you can get a good quality ‘second-hand’ phone, then why not? OLX is a good platform where you can get good and affordable handed-down mobile phones and since you can negotiate the prices it’s a win situation for both the teams.

Ask your friends.

Sometimes for the temporary use, until the period ends, you can very well borrow it from your friends or family. There is no pressure upon that and you might not need to pay for temporary use and especially when it is from your friends.

Old phones can be re-used.

This is something we do when we get a better and newer version of a phone, we tend to forget our old phone.  But, during the lockdown period, now you don’t have many options to buy a new phone, you can use the old phones that you have. It is always good to use something old. As old is always gold!

So, these are the few steps you can consider while buying a phone during a lockdown. If in places like Kerala, where the lockdown has not been much affected, you have good stores to buy a new phone at an affordable price. There are a few best mobile stores in Kerala that provide a wide variety of mobile phones and according to your interest.

When you follow the above-mentioned steps, you still have to take care of hygiene and the steps that are required to be taken care of.

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