Cheers to enamel mugs

Cheers to enamel mugs

Did you know that the enamel mug was once an essential item in Chinese households? Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the Chinese favoured enamel mugs, owing to a material scarcity. They exclusively used enamel mugs to drink from, as there wasn’t really any other feasible alternative. Normally, the enamel mugs would feature a quote of slogan from Chairman Mao’s speeches, which were printed across the mugs. One common phrase that featured on a lot of enamel mugs was, “Serve the people.” Other imaginary that was often included were photos of the Chairman Mao himself or alternatively Lei Feng. These days, the Chinese don’t really use the enamel mug as much, with people now earning enough money to afford other options. Interestingly though, the younger generation are beginning to favour the enamel mug as they are now considered a piece of nostalgia.

These days in Australia, enamel mugs and kitchenware are becoming very popular. Owing to their heat conductive capacities and strength they are becoming a staple in kitchens. What’s great about enamelware is that is can be heated up to very high temperatures without the risk of breaking.

What is enamelware?

You may have heard the term enamelware thrown around in cookware shops and never know what it means exactly. For those who do not know, enamelware is basically kitchenware that has a porcelain enamel finish. It is an age-old process that is believed to be thousands of years old, which grew in popularity in the 19th century.
Enamel is traditionally used to coat the bottom of pots and pan, however, it is now utilised in a range of different kitchen tools. For example, these days many people don’t realise but their freezer and cooker actually feature an enamel coating.

Enamel is crafted in a very similar procedure to that they perform when they create glass. A range of different materials are utilised to make enamel including metal oxides, electrolytes, clay and water. In terms of the enamel mixture, it is formulated using quartz, borax and feldspar. These elements are heated under a very high temperature to the point that they turn into a liquid.

Benefits of enamelware

It’s not surprising to see why the popularity of enamelware has grown. Not only does it aesthetically deliver with a smooth surface and glossy finish, but it meets the mark with performance. These days enamel is an extremely durable and strong surface that offers impressive conductive abilities. While in the past it had a tendency to crack, with technological advancements, there is no chance of cracking when it is now heated. Essentially, the enamel now is so strong that it will only break when the base material does, which is of course highly unlikely.

With the history lesson over, it’s time to enhance your coffee drinking experience and get your hands on an enamel mug. While my friend gave me mine as a gift, she actually purchased hers from Ardena Imports. After using my enamel mug for over a year, I’m more than happy to recommend the kitchenware from this store. My cup has definitely stood the test of time and allows me to sip on warm coffee for prolonged hours. It’s definitely perfect for the office when your attention is on more important than drinking coffee.

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