How to Clean Your Jadau Jewellery Appropriately

How to Clean Your Jadau Jewellery Appropriately

The Jadau jewellery was introduced by the Mughals in India. The Mughal emperors and their Queens used to wear this type of jewellery. It is the sign of royalty and is also worn by the Kings and Queens of Rajasthan.Jadau is known to be the most costly and elegant jewellery piece that is liked by the people from all parts of the country. In western parts of India like Rajasthan and Gujarat, Jadau is famous. It comes in the category of Bridal Jewellery. It gives an amazing look to a newlywed bride. There are a wide variety of designer Jadau rings that you can select for a bridal look.

Jadau is an ethnic jewellery that has its wholesalers in Jaipur, Bikaner and Ahmedabad. Bikaner is famous of Meenakari work that is their handicraft and is popular in Rajasthan. Jadau are designed using 24 carat Gold in Bikaner by the great artisans. This is the traditional piece of art that is used mainly for festive occasions.

This famous piece of jewellery needs to be cleaned in an appropriate manner. You can follow some of these steps to clean you Jadau Jewellery-

Step-1 Use a suede cloth

Suede is a type of fabric that you will find on any cloth store at a price of 130 Rs/meter. After removing your Jadau jewellery, clean it with a suede cloth to remove moisture from it. Remember to use a dry cloth only, do not clean the jewellery with a wet cloth. When you finish cleaning, store your Jadau jewellery safely in a box. You have to take special care if you want to buy ring that is exclusively available in Jadau Jewellery as it is more prone to air and dust.

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Step-2 Use an Eraser for Stain

You can use a common eraser that you used to clear text written with pencil to clean a spot or mark on the Jadau Jewellery. You have to do this process gently but holding the jewellery in your hand carefully. Do not use a rough hand on the jewellery. After cleaning with an eraser, use a soft cloth to remove the eraser dust.

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Step-3 How to Store Jadau Jewellery

You have to wrap your Jadau Jewellery in a soft cloth after cleaning it to keep it safe from any external harm. Generally, this type of Jewellery gets stains due to moisture or dust when it comes in contact with the environment. Use a plastic pouch to store your Jadau Jewellery if you want to use it for a long run.

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Following the above-described steps, you will notice that your Jadau Jewellery appears always alluring whenever you wear it. It gives an elegant and grace to your beauty. You can wear Jadau jewellery on any occasion you want or on a casual wear.

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