5 Things To Consider Before You Buy Sunglasses Online

5 Things To Consider Before You Buy Sunglasses Online

With plenty of options in sunglasses online it gets tough for you to choose the right one for you. People generally assume small frames if they have a small face and vice versa. But this is not the case when you buy sunglasses online.

The key thing to ensure here is to have sunglasses coverage such that it covers your eyes protect it from any dust and wind to enter.

Apart from that, there are many factors to consider before you buy sunglasses online.

This includes;

1. Frame type

  • Aviators

    This style was at first embraced by American pilots to battle intense sunlight at a higher altitude during WW1. After that, they were made famous by the likes of Elves Presley, Michael Jackson and even Tom Cruise in Top Gun. When you buy aviators online ensure you are getting a pair that’s wild, rugged and raw.

  • Wayfarers

    These are one of the latest best-selling online sunglasses styles and it has been around in fashion since the time they were introduced. Wear this style with a casual wardrobe and those having the round, oval or heart-shaped face can adore this style.

  • Sports or Wrap Around

    Wraparound is known for blending functionality with comfort. This style is popular amongst the athletes, bikers and adventure-lovers. Suits best on a square and heart-shaped faces.

  • Cat-eye

    Atypical women sunglasses style that is feisty and attractive. It has upturned temples that give the feline-effect to your like eyes as the lower half is angling towards the cheek. This is one sits well on heart- and round-shaped faces.

  • Rectangle

    These are having wide lenses and heave bottom end. This frames can make your face look significantly longer. Choose the best-suited colour and tint when you buy rectangular glasses online to pull a formal, casual and semi-formal look.

  • Oval & Round

    Oval frames are smaller in size than the other sunglasses style. It is an evolved style that suits oblong or angular frames.

    And its cotemporary round sunglasses also boasts cultural significance as well. The round sunglasses reflect a hip style. This was worn by John Lennon and wearing it now means you blend in vintage style with the trend.

2. Lens Type

There are usually two types of sunglasses lens type to choose from:

  • UV Ray Protected Lenses

    You can find sunglasses online with a label or information that reads Protected UV 400. This means such sunglasses stops harmful sun rays in the form of UVA and UVB (up to wavelengths 400 nanometres).

  • Polarized Lenses

    Sunglasses with polarized lenses have a laminated filter that ensures vertically oriented light pass pas through them while removing the glares. Any sunlight glare that reflects through the snow, water and glass gets cut down by polarized lenses to give you a clear vision.

3. Lens Material

There are 3 types of commonly used lens material in Sunglasses:

  • Optical Glass

    These glasses are ground and polished to give you exacting standards to assure distortion-free vision being scratch-resistant. The primary advantages to using optical glass lenses are they are of high quality that enables scratch resistance and distortion-free vision.

  • Polycarbonate

    Polycarbonate plastic lenses are good for those who need some ruggedness in their sunglasses. Buy sunglasses online in India that has Polycarbonate lenses which are of the same material as windshields. These are virtually indestructible.

  • Acrylic Lenses

    This type of lenses are inexpensive as compared to others and often features in casual or fashion sunglasses albeit with reduced clarity and durability.

4. Frame Material

Here are some basic materials that sunglasses frames are made up of.

  • Metal

    This is one of the highly preferred material by sunglass buyers as this enhances the status quo. Also, it is corrosion-free and easy to adjust. These are expensive of the lot and at the same time a little less durable.

  • Nylon

    For all those who want to use sunglasses for sports and performances, then nylon-based sunglasses are the best bet. The best part is that they can resist temperature fluctuations and stays flexible.

  • Titanium

    Usually, the higher-end sunglasses comes with titanium for them being more durable, scratch-proof and gives a plush feel to the wearers.

  • Acetate

    Acetate is a kind of plastic but stronger than acrylic or polyurethane. These are relatively stronger frames with higher flexibility and lighter weight.

  • Plastic

    This is a more generalized frame type with a variety of plastics that goes into making sunglasses. When you buy sunglasses online in India do look for the kind of plastic whether it is Acrylic or acetate or Polyurethane.

5. Choosing Lens Tints and Colours

Choose your lens and tint colours depending on where do you want to wear those sunglasses and with which outfit. All different colours react differently to the lightings so choose your lens colour wisely when you buy them online.

Here are some of the basic colours of sunglasses lens:

  • Gray/Green

    Green and grey tints are colour neutral that gives crisp contrast on viewing. These are helpful if you are looking to reduce the eyestrain by cutting down the dark shades and adding the depth to vision.

  • Brown

    If you are looking for warmer shades the go with the tinted brown sunglasses. These cut the light to neutral brown tone.

  • Yellow/Gold/Amber

    Go with any variation of yellow, gold or amber coloured lenses to add exceptional contrast and depth to the vision. But, be prepared to trade off the sunlight and brightness protection as these are not heavier on tints.

  • Mirrored and B2 Coating

    Reflective mirror and Mercury B2 coated sunglasses are preferred by outdoor sports and adventure lovers. The applied reflective film on lenses is best suited for people who have high sensitivity to brightness.


Ensure you make the right decision when buying sunglasses online in India. Do factor in all the above-mentioned points to ensure you find the one that you want. There are many other factors as apart from these when you buy online. Do know the credibility of the website before placing an order and check out the product details to make an informed choice.

Colours, styles, types and shapes play a crucial role in determining whether or not the sunglasses will suit you. Best if you read the sunglasses dimensions and sizes as the type of your face matters.

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