4 Major Specifications To Be Considered When Buying an Amplifier

4 Major Specifications To Be Considered When Buying an Amplifier

An amplifier is a generic term that is mainly used to describe a circuit that produces as well as an increased version of its input signal. Not all the amplifiers are same as they are classified as per their circuit configurations and mode of operation. It is basically an electronic device that helps increasing the voltage, current or power of a signal. Amplifier is often used in wireless communications and broadcasting and also in audio equipment of all kinds.

One can avail amplifier from Amit Manufacturing who is known as one of the best amplifier chassis manufacturers who make use of quality components in order to ensure its smooth functioning as well as enhanced durability. If there is not enough headroom and enough power then it is very hard to keep the music clean in that case amplifier is a key. The small-signal amplifier also known as voltage amplifier helps in converting a small input voltage into a much larger output voltage.

The amplifiers can be categorized into weak-signal amplifiers or power amplifiers. The weak-signal amplifiers are mainly used in wireless receivers and also in audiotape players, acoustic pickups as well as compact disc players. While, the power amplifiers are utilized in broadcast transmitters, hi-fi audio equipment and also in wireless transmitters. Therefore, the amplifier chassis manufacturers provide amplifiers at a very cost-effective price.

Below stated are some of the prime specifications that need to be considered when choosing an amplifier.

Power output

It is equivalent to how loud you can pump out music. Remember that bigger the speakers or room, the more power you want. However, you don’t need probably as much as power you are expecting. Mainly, 10 W is enough and pretty loud for average listening, while if you wish to blow the roof off most parties then 100 W is enough.


Total Harmonic Distoration+ Noise is mainly the measure of just how much effect the amplifier has on the sound output. Remember that when there is more distortion then there is more coloration to the sound. The lower this figure, the closer will be the output of amplifier which will sound to the original recording.

Signal to Noise Ratio

You might notice noises which you have never noticed before if you stand in a quiet room in the countryside. With amplifier, there is always a very small amount of noise from the electrons which whizz around inside. Therefore, the main motive is to make this background noise undetectable which will help you to listen to more music and less noise.


Are you thinking that can you connect up everything that you want to? You need to have enough inputs for everything you are plugging in. Different types of connections are available like 3.5mm for iPods, USB for laptops and home theatre as well as Phono for turntables. All the connections have their own advantage so choose the one which offers best sound quality.

So these are some of the important specifications that you need to kee in your min while shopping for amplifiers.

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