Deals are still Live! Keep Shoping on Black Friday deals

Deals are still Live! Keep Shoping on Black Friday deals

Black Friday Deals 2017

Black Friday is a typical day every year in the United States: it usually takes place on the day after Thanksgiving Day, to start buying products and gifts for the end of the year. Why the term “Black”?
This expression has two meanings: the first refers to the crowd of people and cars in the streets of America the day after the American family celebration. The second meaning is that at the time when accounts were handwritten, red corresponded to the deficit accounts; at Black Friday, the accounts became beneficiaries and were written in black ink.

In 2014, $ 50.9 billion was spent on that day, with 133.7 million consumers. However, this day is dangerous: in 2008 in Long Island, a vendor of Walmart, a ubiquitous store in the United States, was fatally injured when the store opened: a crowd crushed him, other personnel who tried to save their colleague.

In Canada, locals prefer to use the expression “Black Friday,” and even some store managers call them “Crazy Friday”,
in connection with the excitement of the crowds on this economic day.

In France, Black Friday corresponds to balances, which are present in winter and summer, and it is still very little practiced in stores today. But some supermarkets, and also websites (Amazon, Fnac, La redoute …) begin to integrate this day of promotions to give pleasure to others, but also to oneself. Black Friday deals  are really good and cheap.

Black Friday Sales 2017

All right come from the United States, black Friday is the day of promotions before sales in France. More and more stores and shops are making this special day to sell stock before the Christmas period. Discover the list of shops in France that make the black Friday whether in shop or online on merchant sites.

When shopping for the holiday season, especially at Christmas, the French are looking for good deals and discounts in order to save their future family meal that includes turkey and chocolates, or gifts of demanding children marked on a long list that seems endless.

Whether in stores or on the Internet, all promotions are used wisely; but most people do not necessarily wait for “Black Friday” to get exclusive promotions, some do not even know the existence of this day. Indeed, this day, which has existed for several years in the United States, offers great promotions that will delight the wallet and relieve the famous Christmas shopping, that every home fears the bill.

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