How to Decorate Your Home With Tapestry wall hangings?

How to Decorate Your Home With Tapestry wall hangings?

One should ask few questions while selecting a tapestry. For example :

*What should be the colour of tapestry?

*What design of tapestry would suit me?

*And, often the biggest question, what is the best size?

Here i would like to help you to understand tapestries in usual and your project in particular. Please be informed that decorating with tapestries is never easy Because when we decide to decorate with tapestries we have to deal with the old world and the new that is whether our walls are to large or to small.

Colour and Design

First try to sample out the colors and designs then go for the size. The tapestry should be measured according to the room and the wall – neither too large nor too small. The rule says that it should occupy around 80% of the intended space.

To give a decent look to a room it requires hanging down your tapestry flat against a wall. By doing so the tapestry will gain support from the wall and will wave in one direction. Most good galleries create magnificent wall art by display tapestries hung flat against the wall in all museums.

Wall Hangings TapestryWe love the trend and Boho home decor using bohemian wall tapestry can be as famous as it is right now and we made over my living room and bedroom with just a few of new products and it made a huge impact! The Kashvi elephant wall tapestry looks perfect behind the bed giving a comforting look and sleep in.

Let me tell you my experience with tapestry wall hangings more. On the wall of the living room i added one set of the Photo Clip string lights and two packs of the Celestial Feather decals. To create a sparkling wonderland of color and light what requires is the combination of the galaxy, watercolor feathers and the glowing string lights.

Wall Hangings Tapestry

Tapestry Care

When you hang a tapestry make sure it is not under direct rays of sun. As you know by doing so all textiles fade and the tapestry too will fade under sun that is made up of cotton and fibre material. Where indirect sunlight and humidity are normal at home there most tapestries with colorfast dyes can be safely displayed. For example bathrooms are too humid unless well vented. Infact it is not a good plan to hang your tapestry in your kitchen where it will have direct access to excessive heat and fiber absorption of food odors.

The Final Words:

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