Whenever you Google the word “diamond” , most of the searches that will come up will talk about the 4Cs, that you should look for when buying diamonds from Goldenet in Melbourne. Out of the 4Cs, which actually stand for Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, the factor that decides the overall quality and price of the diamond is cut.

The cut has a direct impact of the appearance of the diamond to the viewer. It determines how much sparkle and brilliance a diamond has.

Goldenet in Melbourne are stockists of properly cut diamonds. So what exactly is a properly cut diamond? It is a diamond that is proportioned so that no matter where light enters the stone, whether top, sides or bottom, the light is directed out from the top of the stone. This is difficult to achieve, but mathematically possible, since the diamond is cut to capture light entering it from a 360 degree sphere.

While diamonds have to be cut to get a shape, the actual diamond cut refers to its proportions. The characteristics of a diamond’s cut are determined by its depth and width. If the cut is too shallow in comparison to the width, then the light will directly exit the diamond with little or no reflective qualities. If the cut is too deep, the light will escape from the sides of the diamonds rather than through the diamond. In both instances, the diamond will appear dull and lusterless.

A perfectly cut diamond is very rare to find, and will be very expensive too. The cut of this diamond, the light that enters it is reflected in such a way that it encompasses the entire diamond and allows for maximum brilliance and radiance.

Most diamond dealers use the following ratings for the cut of their diamonds.

  • Excellent – Maximum fire and brilliance. Reflects almost all of the light that enters the diamond, exhibiting unrivaled brilliance and fire. These diamonds are extremely rare; may be 5% actually receive this grade.
  • Very Good – Reflects most of the light that enters the diamond, producing superior fire and brilliance. Appears very similar to an excellent cut rated diamond, but is slightly less expensive.
  • Good – Reflects majority of the light entering it, giving an above average appearance. Ideal for a person who has a limited budget, offering beauty at an attractive price.
  • Fair – Allows most of the light entering it to escape from the sides and bottom. Usually available in diamonds less than .75 carat where it is difficult to gauge the amount of sparkle in a diamond
  • Poor – Allows most of the light to escape from the sides or bottom. The diamond, even to an untrained eye, looks dull and lifeless. Most diamond dealers, like Goldenet In Melbourne will not offer poorly cut diamonds.

The cut trumps all the other Cs because of the benefits it provides:

  1. A diamond that appears bigger than a poorly cut diamond
  2. A diamond where clarity flaws are hidden by the stone’s brilliant sparkle
  3. A diamond where body color is hidden by its brilliance.

In short, you get all the benefits of the other Cs with cut. Therefore it is important to place more emphasis on cut when selecting a diamond – Spend money on quality that can be appreciated.

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