Everlasting Love: How Beneficial Are Preserved Flowers vs. Fresh Flowers?

Everlasting Love: How Beneficial Are Preserved Flowers vs. Fresh Flowers?

Tired of fresh flowers getting withered? Do you want to give something unusual, unique and more long-lasting to your significant other? Don’t worry, this article will give you the best alternative. Fresh flowers, chocolates and other gifts are  common romantic gifts. If you want to profess and show your love exceptionally, get her a set of preserved flowers.

Are preserved flowers real?

Yes, definitely. These flowers are harvested from high-quality floral breeds and preserved using a kind of technology to keep their fresh look. Make your girl feel like Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and get her a set of preserved roses. This exceptional technology keeps its natural bloom and soft texture. They don’t wither just like fresh flowers, but it is no different from fresh flowers if you compare their textures. 

Often misunderstood that this kind of gift is expensive and very impractical. But when you think about it, there’s pretty much no difference in expenses at all. And to further discuss the benefits and advantages of buying preserved flowers, this article is here to make forever come true!

  1. Long shelf life: Fresh flowers usually last for a week or less. At the same time, preserved flowers have a general life span of 1-3 years, depending on their storage. It will last longer if you put them in cool and dry places. If it is placed in an acrylic sealed casing, it’ll last even longer, probably five years up to 10 years. 
  2. Economically wise: For people who love keeping fresh flowers as a decoration in their houses, most likely you need to change the flowers once or twice a week. But if you get preserved flowers, you will only have to buy a replacement once a year if you want to change its color or buy once every two to three years. If you look into your expenses in the long run, you will see the difference.
  3. Environmentally friendly: More replacements would mean more waste. And if we can minimize waste to prevent environmental problems from arising, why not? Roses are lovely when they are in the garden, but if you place them in a vase, they will only last for three days. What a waste, right?
  4. Good for people who have pollen allergies and other sensitivities: Preserved flowers have undergone a non-toxic and safe process. To ensure that these flowers are not prone to corrosion, carcinogenic, burning and other chemical reactions. In other words, this is safe for people that are sensitive or have allergies. Fresh flowers could trigger a lot of allergies. And they are not that hard to maintain. You wouldn’t change the water of a vase or cut its stems. So, this is ideal for busy and people who have nasal sensitivities. 
  5. Easy to order and be traveled: Fresh flowers are usually pre-ordered because florists need time to prepare and arrange them in a vase, bouquet or box. And if you will travel the flowers, sometimes it affects the appearance and freshness of the flowers. Preserved roses are usually sold in boxes, sealed acrylic boxes or anything that you want to request, making them easier and more accessible to be traveled.

You can make your “forever.”

Roses often mean passionate love. Give your significant other or give your home an ambiance of everlasting love by purchasing an item that lasts long.

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