Four Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Four Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, especially when you do not have a large budget. Your special day is not about how much you have spent, it is about you and your partner promising to love and support one another for the rest of your lives. Not everyone has the luxury to spend thousands of pounds on their wedding and you don’t have to. If you want to spend less on your wedding, here are five ways to do so.

Planning a Wedding

Keep it Intimate

It is your wedding; you can invite who you want. Many of us feel guilty for leaving people out and if you have a lot of family and friends, it can feel never-ending. Make a list and then go through it and try to cut it down as much as possible. If you are having a party after the ceremony and a wedding meal, this is where those people can come and see you and it means no extra cost to you.

Plan Your Wedding Outdoors

If you have always wanted a beach wedding, why not go ahead and try a beach wedding Myrtle beach SC. This saves money on hiring out a church or registry office and means you get the beautiful backdrop of the beach and sunset – all for free. If you decide you want a beach wedding, you could even choose a destination that you want your honeymoon, meaning no extra traveling! Bali is a beautiful place to have a wedding and a honeymoon. If this is somewhere you have always wanted to visit, check out the hotels near Seminyak Beach.

Ask for Wedding Help

For some, making a list of wedding gifts can just be a waste of cash. Many people ask for things they do not necessarily need, as they feel guilty asking for money or help. If you are lucky enough to have any family or friends that cater, play in a band or are a photographer, ask them for their gift in this way. This could save a lot of money in the long run and is a good advertisement for them too. If you do not feel you can ask friends for wedding help, ask close family or parents for help with venue costs or to pay towards the wedding dress, rather than buying a gift to be opened.

Rent Where Possible

Many people spend a lot of money on a wedding dress or their tuxedo, to never be worn again. If the price of wedding attire is what is worrying you, you can save thousands of pounds by renting out these. You can rent out everything from bridesmaid dresses to the groom’s tuxedo, and you can get some beautiful attire from a range of online and instore vendors. Shop around for the best price and make sure to start looking early to guarantee your dream dress is free on your special day. Nobody will ever know the difference.

Remember, you do not need to feel guilty in asking for help for your big day. Be as thrifty as you can and plan early to ensure you don’t go over budget.

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