Informative Theory of Colour Enhanced Diamonds Melbourne

Informative Theory of Colour Enhanced Diamonds Melbourne

Diamonds are available in a very broad range of colours in nature. Many people know regarding colourless diamonds and colour grading system that is utilized to categorize a diamond’s body colour… you are acquainted with D, E, F, etc. This colour grading system is only taken under use to classify the many common diamond body colour of yellow though anytime a diamond stone is found in another colour like pink, green, blue, etc.; then this gemstone is generally considered as a “fancy diamond”.

Fancy diamonds provided by nature can be very pricey as well as many times more expensive than a colourless diamond of similar size. A colour enhanced stone is a 100% natural diamond which has had its colour changed. And greatest of all, colour enhanced diamonds come in a very broad selection of colours at very reasonable prices!

Let’s know the bit of history-

It has been eminent for many, many years that a diamond’s colour could be “enhanced” by putting a little of coloured substance on the facade of a diamond stone and just similar to magic… a diamond which had a evident yellowish colour would transform to a more eye-catching near colourless diamond. Unfortunately, this kind of colour improved diamond could change reverse to its original body colour if this coloured substance was inadvertently removed.

In many recent years, the expertise of colour enhanced diamond stones has gone tremendously high tech. It is now feasible to entirely change the colour of a diamond! These procedures are considered lasting since it does stay stable when exposed to daily normal conditions. The colour will not lighten if exposed to sunlight or else be washed off through harsh chemicals.

How is it achieved?

The preferred outcome of any of such treatments is to have an extra marketable diamond stone. A not as much of marketable diamond would be a diamond which has a low body colour or sometimes having a lower clarity. The colour improved diamond treatment firms know if they begin with a definite type of diamond and procedure it for a certain extent of time that they ought to end up with a certain colour but it does not all the time work that way. This is actually a science which does necessitate some art in their procedures… the only approach that provides a consistent result is the coating process.

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