What to give for Valentine’s Day

What to give for Valentine’s Day

Women don’t forget especially with matters to do with love. Whatever Valentines Day flowers you choose to give her this year, ensure that it is not the same one you gave her last year or the same way you did in the past. Find a new and bigger way to surprise her this year. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just unique and from the heart. Women love attention and they will stop at nothing to get it. Therefore, this post will give you 10 perfect Valentine’s Day gifts that every woman will love to be given on this special day. Read along for more insight.

1.Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Candy

This is one Valentine’s Day gift that can be repeated over and over again. The trick lies in the package. If you gave her this last year or in the past, this time, package it differently. You may wrap them in a golden wrapper to convey how rare and royal she is to you. Find out from her friends or family member whether she likes her chocolate candy in a single bar or in pieces. The heart shaped chocolate candy if a favorite for many women especially on this special occasion to celebrate love. Don’t for get to tell her how much she means to you as you give them to her. You can also use a Valentine’s Day bouquet to compliment chocolate candy gift.

2.Metal or stone jewelry

We all know how much women treasure their jewelry. Jewelry is a girl’s best friend and you can’t go wrong with especially as a Valentine’s Day gift. This doesn’t mean that you can go to the jewelry shop and get her anything you eyes come across. It has to be unique in quality and design. If you are getting her a necklace, first ensure that it is either made from precious stone or metal. Whatever you do don’t go for imitation; believe me when I tell you that women know their jewelry and they can spot a fake from a mile away. This will end up ruining your Valentine’s Day celebrations rather than making her happy.

3.Valentine’s Day flowers

Shower this valentines day with a lovely bouquet of red roses. The theme for the dayis red hue and red flowers are perfect for valentines day. Pick the best Valentine’s Day flowers from a recognised Valentine’s Day florist. Avoid those cheap plastic flowers that are sold in the strits that don’t hav eant scent. Show her that she is the queen of your heart by buying her expensive and well arranged flowers that will sweep her off her feet. If you dint know cheap flowers are the mostembarrasing valentines day gift beside cheap underwear. You don’t have to buy a bouquet of red flowers, a single fresh red rose flower is also a nice gesture on this special occasion.

4.Going Out

A candle light dinner is perfect it is your second or third Valentines Day celebration. For your first occasion you can try something that is not so intimate such as hiking or a picnic to get to know onen another well. This is a good idea as it also helps you to relax and have innocent fun. It also gives you a chance to break the ice. When going out ensure that you are familiar with the area you are visiting. You don’t want to get lost in the woods on your first Valentines Day celebration. It is a very terrifying experience speaking from experience. Attending a cooking contest is also a good idea as Valentine’s Day gift. Remember that it is all in the effort and not the money spent. You are likely to benefit from numerous Valentine’s Day offers that are available on this special day.

5.Get Her Smart Phone


This gadget is slowly and steadily replacing jewelry as a girl’s best friend. As a matter of fact, it is hard nowadays to spot a woman without a fancy looking smart phone taking selfies of her and her friends. There are many smart phones with that have fancy features like quality selfies cameras, image editors and so much more. Don’t just get her a simple phone. Make it special by ordering one with her favorite color cover and a stylish design. You have to dig deep into your pockets though if you choose this as a Valentine’s Day gift for her. Pink and red are suggested colors but you can also go for silver or gold.

6.A Sweet Scented Perfume

A nice bottle of perfume is Perfume is also a good gift idea. You have to know what scent she preffers first before getting one for her. You can ask her or her close friends so that you get her the sweetest scented perfume that will excite her on this special day. Avoid strong scented perfumes that irritate. If you don’t know that she likes then try another gift that doesn’t require much information.

7.A Greeting Card

If you find it hard to express your emotions, then a greeting card will be the perfect gift for you to give her. You can write a small message of love for her of a simple poem to tell her how much she means to you. You can also custom design your very own card and insert pictures of you and her to make it even special this gesture will make her feel loved and appreciated. The greeting card can be heart shaped and red in color since this is the color of the day.


8.A Glamorous Red Dress

Get her that dress she has always desired at the store and let her wear it on Valentine’s Day as a gift. This is a nice gesture that will leave an everlasting joy in her heart as she thinks about you. Women love to look good and a nice red that stands out from the crowed, is a great gift to make her feel appreciated and loved. As I said it’s all about the effort you have put to make her happy and not necessarily the money.


9.A Trip For Two in a Five Star Suit

If you can afford, taking her to a fancy hotel and spend the weekend is also a nice treat that any woman will love and appreciate. The classy lifestyle and glamorous experience will make her feel like a queen. Don’t overdo it especially if you are not well off financially, as may be embarrassing if you cant pay for what you have spent. A good woman will appreciate a simple gift from the heart than an expensive one that is not from the heart.

10.Get Her a Pet


Women also love cute pets. It may be a little bird or a small puppy. If she doesn’t have allergies or irritations this will be a superb gift to present to her. You can also get her a gold fish to spice up the occasion. Be unique in the way you present your Valentine’s Day gift as this will a make all the difference. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your love and it means a lot for our ladies so make sure you get her a great, unique gift this Valentine’s Day to make them feel loved and appreciated.

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