A Guide to Choosing the Right 556 Upper

A Guide to Choosing the Right 556 Upper

Customizing a firearm is one of the best ways to take your sport shooting skills or your hunting experience to the next level. Building a custom gun is not only an enjoyable process, but it will also leave you with a firearm you truly enjoy. Customization, however, is not a blind process, and if you’re planning to customize a 556 firearm, you’ll need the right 556 Upper. This guide will explain what makes a 556 upper and how you can determine whether a specific model is right for you.


556 refers to rifles, generally AR-15 variants, which use a cartridge type standardized by NATO. The 556 cartridge is a modified version of Remington’s 223 cartridge, which is also commonly used in AR-15 style rifles. Many people refer to both 556 and 223 cartridges as “22s,” though there are, indeed, differences in design between both cartridges.

A 556 upper refers to the upper half of the gun, which, because it doesn’t include a serialized firing mechanism, is sold as parts and doesn’t require lengthy wait periods, background checks, or registrations. Both an upper and a lower are required to construct a working firearm. If you already have a lower, though, or are purchasing one separately, you’ll need to pick out an upper that will enhance your custom gun.

Picking an upper boils down to three main factors:

1. Ergonomics

To build the right weapon for your needs, it’s best to start by considering how the weapon should feel while you use it. Believe it or not, the ergonomics of your firearm go beyond just the grip and the stock. The handguard, sights, and barrel can all affect how you fire your weapon, and how your body reacts over time. Avid sport shooters can develop repetitive motion injuries and soreness as a result of using firearms that aren’t properly fit to their body’s unique needs. Make sure you think about how the uppers you are considering will interact with the rest of the gun and your body.

2. Accuracy

The upper portion of AR-15 style firearms plays a massive part in the accuracy of shots. From the rifling of the barrel to its length to the sights you choose, these characteristics will greatly impact how you use your firearm. Take your time in analyzing and deciding which parts are ideal for you. The way you use your gun is different than every other shooter, and sights, handgrips, and barrel lengths that are ideal for one shooter’s use might not be ideal for you.

3. Speed

Depending on how you’ll be using your firearm, bulkier uppers might simply not be the right fit. The speed of drawing is important for athlete shooters and hunters alike, and it’s a factor that you should consider when building your custom gun. On the other hand, some shooters might find that customized firearms with bulkier uppers feel better or help them aim better. For example, a hunter who is hunting small, quick game may desire a lightweight, slim firearm with a less bulky upper, while a hunter who is hunting slow game at long ranges may prefer a heavier rifle with a longer barrel and weightier handguard.

Whichever type of customized AR-15 style rifle you decide to build, you’ll need a quality supplier with a legacy of great customer service. 22mods4all is that supplier. Their customized uppers, stripped kits, and accessories will make your customization project the best it can be. You can make the gun of your dreams; start planning today by checking out these amazing 556 uppers!

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