Handlooms of Bengal

Handlooms of Bengal

West Bengal is known for its rich culture and traditions. The famous Durga Puja , and delicious sweets are greatly admired by the people of the country. But do you know that Bengal is also the land for fine handlooms? It has been bearing the timeless legacy of our culture and heritage from many centuries.

Silks of Bengal have grabbed the attention of the world. The various types of silks available here gained popularity in India as well as in the other countries too.

Here are some of the important handlooms of Bengal


This is one of the finest assortments of muslin hand woven from cotton. Although this weave was in use from many years, it was widely developed during the Mughal empire. The fabulous floral motifs on these sarees adds up to their beauty.

The Shantipur Jamdani sarees have fine texture with colourful stripe motifs. Another interesting element about these sarees is that they have motifs associated with the culture of Bengal. The pallu of these sarees often depict a famous folktale or a simple picture of a village.

These comfortable sarees are perfect for casual occasions and weddings too. You can check the wide collection of Jamdani sarees online.


Tant are handwoven cotton sarees. These are extremely light in weight and soft. They have big borders with decorative pallu. Floral , paisley, and other artistic motifs are incorporated on these sarees. They are perfect for daily wear and also during the summer season. They are available in bright colourful patterns.


These are made with pure silk. These sarees have white or off white body with a coloured border. Garad sarees have striped pallu. The popular Garad sarees with white body and a red border is the signature style of almost every Bengali woman.


This is also known as Garad Korial since it is a rich version of regular Garad saree. Though both Garad and Korial are made of pure silk, the quality of Korial silk saree is much finer and has an elegant appeal. These sarees have intricate motifs and more ornamentation on them. They are perfect for weddings, and other celebration


This is one of the most stunning silk sarees of Bengal. These sarees have exotic borders. They have elaborate pallu with intricate ornamentation. Scenes from ancient epics and religious texts are weaved on the pallu of Baluchari sarees. They have weavings done in silver and gold threads.


Tussar silk sarees have natural sheen. They are usually present in off white, beige, and honey colours. These sarees are often dyed to give them a vibrant look. They have simple borders and the pallu is similar to that of Jamdani and tant saree.

Murshidabad silk

Murshidabad is a district in West Bengal. The fine quality of silk sarees here are known as Murshidabad silk. They are light in weight and easy to drape. These sarees are used for formal and casual occasions. These sarees have bright and vibrant colours.


This is a unique style of embroidery originated in the Bolpur – Santiniketan region of West Bengal. It is often done by hand with colourful thread on almost all types of fabric. It follows the running stitch method to create intricate ornamentation on sarees. These are majorly used in tussar and other pure silk sarees.


Muslin sarees are translucent. They are completely hand woven. The yarn for these sarees is spun by hand by skilled women weavers. These sarees are extremely soft and comfortable. Do you know that this 6 yards of muslin saree can be effortlessly passed through a finger ring? Interesting right.

Imagine the kind of softness these sarees have. They are perfect for outings and also during the hot summers.

These are some of the important weaves found in the state of West Bengal. There are various clusters of weavers in different parts of the state. This beautiful art of weaving has been passing down to the next generations. The intricate craftsmanship of these weavers is beyond expectations. These amazing sarees of Bengal tell stories of the past in an elegant way.

These handloom sarees of Bengal are completely natural. They are made from natural fibres like cotton and silk. The sarees are dyed with natural colours to obtain the desired hue. No chemicals or machines are used in the making of these sarees. They are totally hand made with lots of love. You can buy the famous Tant, Muslin, Garad and Jamdani sarees online.

The next time you wear any of these handloom sarees, remember that you are wearing the epic pic stories and cultures of Bengal

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