Buy Good Strollers For Twins

Buy Good Strollers For Twins

At this point, I think you’ve had a pretty clear reason why you MUST pick up a good twins stroller. It’s because of your twins. They are double the joy, double the trouble, and double the expenses all at the same time. But what should you look for when buying for a new stroller?

Basically, you need to consider things like your budget, how versatile you want the stroller to be, do you want a single stroller or a pair, and what kind of extras should it have?

And to begin with, you should understand the different styles for twin strollers available. Because Seating Defines the Style. What’s the most important feature that people use to sort strollers?

The answer is the seating style. Twin strollers are available in side-by-side, tandem, jogging variations of tandem and side-by-side, twin prams, and the miscellaneous style. And to make things clearer for you, see the following section. It will explain and highlight what each style can offer for you.

buy twin strollersSide-by-side Twin Strollers

Probably the most iconic of twin strollers. This style is seen in everything from simple and thrifty umbrella class strollers, all the way up to the thousands of dollars lightweight jogging strollers. It is a very simple set up that sets your little one’s side-by-side.

And it offers some nice advantages, such as:

  • You can easily keep eyes on and reach them both equally well.
  • The little ones have the same view point and can interact with one another.
  • Both seats can recline at varying angles to accommodate when one wants to nap, and one wants to be awake.
  • Side-by-sides tend to be to most stable in terms of frame design and tend to have the most under-seat storage.

Typical disadvantages to side-by-sides are:

  • They can be very cumbersome to get through narrow doorways or tight aisles in stores.
  • Being on even levels is not always great when you have bickering babies.
  • Their size makes them rather bulky at times and difficult to store in the car or at home.

Tandem Twin Strollers

If you like versatility and easier maneuvering, tandem style strollers may be the way to go. Instead of sitting beside one another, the seats in a tandem stroller are set with one behind and raised slightly above the other.

Typically, they are not quite as economical as some side-by-sides, but there are some still classed as very basic and thrifty models.

The major advantages of using a tandem stroller are:

  • The sleeker design is easier to get through doors and down shopping aisles.
  • A popular tandem design allows two car seats to be snapped into the frame, making them ultra-convenient.
  • Most models incorporate a fair bit of storage, although it is typically broken up into compartments that are found beneath and between the seats.
  • Some models give the option of arranging the seats to be facing different directions, which can allow the kids to interact with one another and give the parents better view of both.
  • The separation of the seats helps minimize potential fights.

Common disadvantages of tandem seating:

  • The weight distribution can make them feel heavier to push at times.
  • Usually only one of the seats has full reclining capabilities unless you spring for a really expensive model.
  • Sometimes neither child likes sitting in the back, as the view is more hindered.
  • In most models, the fixed forward seating means its harder to see the child in the front as well. It also means that the kids have limited interaction, which can be bothersome to some that don’t bicker as much.

Jogging Variations

The big difference between typical and jogging strollers, aside from the larger price tags, is usually just the wheel configuration. In terms of the basic pros and cons, there are no real differences. Jogging models just have sturdier wheels and shock systems to handle more jostling.

Twin Prams

Twin prams are often classed in with twin strollers, but really they are only useful for a short period. Prams, which are like bassinets, can only be used up to the point the baby can sit up. So, while they create a very charming scene, unless they are convertible to a regular stroller seat, they can be rather frivolous.


Twin strollers that fall into the miscellaneous category are not strollers per say, but more like the snap and go style strollers that can be used for twins. These include the systems that let you use your car seat and toddler seat on a base system. Or allow you to add a stable rolling base to the back of a stroller so one can stand and ride on it and the other sits. For people on a tighter budget, the ingenious twin stroller setups that get classed as miscellaneous can be perfect and fun.

See, it’s not that hard to categorize those strollers, right? But seating is just one part.

Beyond Seating Styles

There are other elements to consider as well. All of which are fairly standard fare. Other things you should look for and consider when deciding on a model are storage, handlebar features, and extras. Each of these is straightforward aspects. And you should consider how important they are to you when shopping for a new stroller for your twins.

Always Keep This In Mind

To really get an idea how to narrow down your choices when shopping, consider this; You know that you need a comfortable handlebar. But do you need one that has a cup holder if it means paying a bit more? Budgeting is always important when it comes to kids, doubly so when it comes to twins. When shopping for a new stroller for your twins, start with a set amount you can spend. Then make a list of most important features you want.

And don’t be tempted by frilly extras. It is also important to not be afraid to buy the stroller new and the accessories second hand. A lot of times people end up getting the frills and never using them by the time their kids have outgrown them. That means there is a large market for gently used stroller accessories.


There you have it. My complete guideline on how you can go and choose the best strollers for twins. The ones that are money worthy and will surely bring joy to your life and your twins’ lives as well. Remember, when in doubt, come back and read my twins stroller guide. They will help you navigate on the right track! As always, I’m here to help. So, don’t hesitate to leave comments.

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