How To Pick The Best Wallet To Help You Score More

How To Pick The Best Wallet To Help You Score More

“It’s not what’s inside a wallet but the wallet itself that’ll impress your boss and date.”

Do you think choosing the right shade of lipstick is hard for ladies? Ask any image-conscious modern man what it’s like to choose the perfect wallet.

Not so long ago, a wallet was simply a cash and card holder. As long as they had separate chambers for cards, cash, coins and a pretty picture of the fiancé, it did the job. They were mostly made out of real leather or faux leather (vegan leather) and fabric. Metal wallets and metal credit card holders were unheard of.

Things have changed. Wallets have become an essential part of men’s accessories. And that means your wallet will reflect your personality. Don’t believe it? See what these ladies had to say.

How women feel about your wallet?

So, we ran a survey among the ladies last year. They were mostly students, office workers, entrepreneurs, and yoga enthusiasts.

Among other questions, one (my favorite) was,

On a date, what is your impression of a man with a

  • Traditional leather wallet
  • Fabric wallet
  • Cheap looking faux leather wallet
  • Metal wallet or metal credit cardholder
  • No wallet

Most blunted, “No wallet, no second date”. That’s how much your wallet says about you.

Next, lowest down the pecking order was the fabric wallet. Students didn’t seem to mind much but executives and entrepreneurs unanimously wrote them off. “Looking for a man, not a boy”.

Surprisingly faux leather wallets and real leather wallets were at loggerheads. “Traditional, serious, organized, executive, boring, orthodox, formal” were some of the adjectives the ladies used.

Metal wallets and metal credit card holders took most of them by surprise, they never saw one before. So, we took out a few and handed over to them. And this was their response.

“Yep that would impress me on a date”

“Shows he has a taste”

“Likes to be different”

“Formal and image-conscious”


“Hmmm interesting”

Overall, most women agreed that they’ll take notice and give the guy a positive rating based on the wallet.

How To Pick The Best Wallet To Help You Score More

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