How to Use a Non Stick Litter Box

How to Use a Non Stick Litter Box

Cats are extremely private creatures and while they are fun, they also need their personal space and keep themselves comparatively quiet and clean. Providing your kitty cat with a litter box is an immense way to put their mind at ease and drastically decreases their stress level. This comes very handy in cases of emergency, after all, you can’t be on your toes all the time. But it is noteworthy that providing such a product is wasteful when it doesn’t serve its purpose properly and becomes more of a hassle daily. Cleaning up litter boxes can be very messy, odourful and uncomfortable if the cat feces and litter stick at the bottom. Not to add that you’re required to clean up after every time your pet defecates.

There are many ways mentioned online on how you can make your current litter box non-stick but they require many other products and it ultimately leads to wastage as cleaning up after every use can be multiple times. We, at Purple Pet, a pet products company, have come up with a solution that is cost effective, extremely sturdy and has a very long lifeline. We simply believe in making your and your pet’s life easier. It is a non-stick litter box for your pet kitty. The xl stainless steel litter box is very easy to use as it is non-stick coated. The quality used is the same as used in top notch frying pans. This non-stick litter box is first of its kind and its patent pending. All you have to do to use this is spray with a cooking oil and use it tension free. Cleaning up after becomes extremely easy with minimal wastage of your time.

The extra wide cat litter box is easy for cats to enter and provides with enough space for your pet to play. And if you’re worried about the scratches, then don’t be. While scratches may appear, they won’t compromise the efficiency of the non-stick litter box. The stainless steel litter box never absorbs and odour, never rusts and never stains. If you compare this with other cat litter boxes, then we’re sure you won’t be able to find anything in comparison to this. Even if you clean those other boxes daily, there is a very high chance that those boxes gain the odour. This becomes very tedious when despite being the litter box clean, your pet kitty cat forms a negative attachment to it. 

This non-stick litter box doesn’t even form any residue on its bottom so cleaning it up does not require any vigorous action. All that’s required is one simple wash. With one simple wash you not only get a clean box but also get a very easy to dry box. Our boxes have round edges so they are extremely nifty. You can handle them as you wish to and even you kitty enters and exits it with tremendous ease. This extra wide cat litter box is even very deep. This provides a great sense of comfort to your pet with private space and doesn’t add in to your cleaning. 

We are confident that once you use our non-stick litter box, you will have an amazing experience with all the features we provide. Our team at Purple Pet, works very hard to come up with innovative and easy-to-use products to make a strong bond between you and your little ball of fur. But, in any case if there is any problem or you have any suggestions, we are very easy to contact as we are available on multiple social platforms. You can even get an easy return or a free replacement as long as you provide us with a valid reason. We are here to hear you.

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