Hublot vs Breitling – Which is the Best?

Hublot vs Breitling – Which is the Best?

The world of high-end horology is a peculiar one. You cannot underestimate any one until you have seen all the cards. A brand like Hublot was non-existent up until 1980. A brand like Breitling was on its knees in the 1970s, despite having the time of its life before that. You can never tell how the future is going to be. But you can definitely make intelligent comparisons based on true data. This is exactly what we will do today. Both the brands are the top of their games today and it is really fascinating how they keep up with each other on various terms.

Let us dive in and find out how these legends do what they do and how they fare against each other.


When it comes to class, it is truly a tough competition. Both the watchmakers have been through it all and have achieved a level of class that is almost unbeatable. They have reached a position where they can not only bring in new things but also influence the ongoing trends in the industry. But which brand excels in redefining class in watchmaking?


The Swiss watchmaking maestro might be new to the game but that does not stop it being at the very top of the business. Hublot watches are classy in every way and in their own unique way, they are game changing. Hublot started out with the gold and rubber timepiece, which was not as classy as one would expect. But this notion has changed over time as people have become more accepting. Today, even bizarre combinations such as Hublonium and ceramics is considered as a classy. The Hublot Big Bang is a worthy mention.


The Swiss watchmaker is a legend in the tool watchmaking segment. Tool watches are the very foundations on which the modern Haute Horlogerie industry is based upon. The watchmaker is ‘the’ brand when it comes to quality modern day tool watches. Of course, it is a time when tool watches do not have as much as a strong grasp over the markets as they used to once. But the brand has successfully transformed into a modern day classic. Breitling is a massive icon in the industry that brings not only state of the art watches but also limitless class. The Breitling Navitimer is a great example.


The pricing factor has a major role to play when it comes to expensive goods. One might think that people who can afford such great luxuries may not bother about the price. But that is absolutely not true. Pricing plays as much as a huge role as any other major factor.


Hublot might be a big name when we talk about luxury watchmaking, but it is an even bigger name when we talk about pricing. The Swiss master horologist is popular for pricing its watches sky high. The Hublot Classic Fusion and Big Bang are spectacular examples that fir the picture perfectly.


The watchmaker is a mega brand in the Swiss horology business and its watches are nothing short of brilliant. The watchmaker prices its watches at a respectable range. They might not be as high Hublot but they do justify the watches’ value. The Breitling Chronomat and Superocean timepieces are great examples of how the watchmaker exactly prices its watches.


As far as quality is concerned, this is the single most important factor that has to be focussed on. As a brand in the Swiss luxury watchmaking industry, you cannot overlook this. You have to be focussed and take quality control very seriously. Even a single defected timepiece can bring years’ if not decades’ worth of defamation.

Hublot and Breitling

This is a realm where making a distinction between the two brands is not logically feasible. The brands are just too perfect in their job and make sure that there are no manufacturing defects whatsoever.

It is safe to say that both luxury watchmaking tycoons are neck to neck in terms of their skill, grit, and strategy. But the winning point has to go to Breitling. The watchmaker is not only a vintage classic but also a progressive one when we take into consideration today’s trends and styles.

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