Identify The Fake Watch Before Selling It To The Buyer In Question

Identify The Fake Watch Before Selling It To The Buyer In Question

Trying to buy yourself one designer watch can be a tricky situation given all the convincing fakes that will exist in current market. Fortunately, the market houses some of the few easy tricks, which can be used to tell fake watch from genuine one. But, you have to be sure of the options available and the companies, which are ready to help you big time on that.

There are some online sources, ready to help you with the idea on determining a fake watch from a real one. When you are planning to sell your old watch to a new buyer, you will make promises. Suppose, the watch has the Rolex mark on it but in reality it is a fake. You did not know about it. So, if the buyer gets to find out that the watch is a fake one then he will be able to sue you legally, which will drain out more money from your pocket.

If you don’t want that to happen to you, then head for the best watch checking experience first to determine the fake one from real.

Listen for the ticking

This is stated as one of the biggest indicators that watch is a fake one or not just listening for the ticking. A high quality designer watch is always built with hundreds and thousands of smaller parts, which are perfectly crafted and stated to be moving parts. So, it is not going to create the ticking sound at all. For testing this out, you have to hold the body of the watch right against your ear and then listen to it closely. If you find any such sound, then you are dealing with a fake watch and you cannot sell it in

Try listening for some obvious mistake

Always remember that premium quality watches are made using some of the strict forms of quality watches. So, any kind of scratches, peeling paint or even misspelled words will actually indicate that the watch is an obvious fake one. On the other hand, if the watch’s clasp does not close in a proper manner or the watch fails to keep time well, then it is no doubt a fake one.

Some examples might help you understand it better. For example, there are some fake Michael Kors watches available in the market, which will leave out the S, as presented in the end of the original one. On the other hand, there are some low quality Rolex fakes available too, which come handy with badly centered crown stamps.

Examine the letter quality well

Always remember that genuine designer watches are mainly crafted by some of the master watchmakers. These makers are always going to use precise engraving instruments for creating legible and clear lettering on the said watch. In case, any of the lettering is hard to read or muddled, then chances are high that the watch is fake. This rule is mainly applied for all of letting, which will include serial numbers.

Have to feel the weight of watch

A genuine form of designer watch is crafted with some of the precious metals and will have lots of smaller moving parts. So, it is always a slight heavier than it might look. In case, the watch is a fake one, it is going to be quite light. If possible, you can always compare weight between any watch that you consider buying and verified genuine model. They should all be of the same weight.

Do research for identifying genuine designer watch

You have to comb through some of the online auction result databases for learning information about watch that you plan to purchase. On the current database, you can see photos of the designer watches and even the prices they can sell for. On the other hand, these databases will provide you with information like photos of designer watches and allotted prices.

In the same manner, you can work out to research on manufacturer and become quite familiar with the trademarks of the brands, clasp and the common bracelet details. In case, you know what to look for, then you will be harder to get fooled. Let’s take an example for better understanding. With the current exception of rare model made in 1930s, Rolex watches will not have any glass backs. In its place, you can have metal backing.

Look for some of the proper stamps

Designer watches will always have stamps of authenticity in various spots covering the watch. These stamp locations can always vary from one source to another. Make sure to do your thorough research ahead of time so that you know what these stamps you have to look for on particular model.

On the other hand, be sure of the lettering on stamps which are to be spelled correctly and is quite easy to read. For example, majority of the modernized Rolex models will have crown stamp on winding mechanism. One will be on wristband and another one on face of watch.

Make sure to examine face of watch

Genuine designer watches are known to use some of the premium minerals like sapphire, for covering face of the watch. On the other hand, cheaper watches will use mineral crystals in its place. To see and know more about the mineral that the watch is made out of, you can turn the watch on side and examine color filtering through clear casing.

In case, the watch is made out of sapphire, it will have violent tint. It will indicate that the watch is a genuine or real one. On the other hand, when the watch’s face is made out of mineral crystals, it will have a green hint on it. It shows the fakeness of the watch.

Once you are sure of these changes, going for the right and branded watch for help will work out well. Just be sure to know more about the watch you are planning to sell before matter gets out of hand.

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