If Ombre and Ecaille is all French to you then you need Wella hair products

If Ombre and Ecaille is all French to you then you need Wella hair products

Stay up to date with the latest hair trends with high quality Wella hair products. In recent years all the rage in hair colour has been shading. Rather than a bold colour, there has been a push towards blending the two together. This trend has seen the emergence of many popular trends including Ombre, Sombre, Balyage and the most recent Ecaille. All these trends are based around the same principle but are executed differently to give you a distinctive look.

If you have been considering taking the plunge and changing up your one toned hair, any of these trends could be a good option. For those who don’t quite know the difference between the techniques, we’ve helped you below.


Ombre is the perfect style for those who want a low-maintenance hair-do. When it first emerged a few years ago it was quite controversial as it mimicked the look of regrown hair. Generally, the roots are kept dark up until about the mid-shaft, where it then begins to get progressively lighter through to the ends. Ombre itself is a French term which means shading or shaded.


Just like its name suggests, Sombre is the softer version of Ombre. It’s essentially the refined version of Ombre where the dark and light colours blend more subtlety together. Often the pieces of hair around the face are lightened, with the brightness taken further up. More natural looking highlights are blended through the bottom of the hair so it looks bright and textured. Sombre allows you to stay on trend with the Ombre style but for those who are a little more conservative.


Balayage is a technique that creates a gorgeous natural sun-kissed look that is perfect for summer. The name itself in French means to paint or sweep, which is reflected in the way the dye is applied. Dye is painted onto the hair in a freehand, with no need for foils or meche. The dye is left to sit on the surface rather than to saturate through, which means a more natural streak. At the end of the process you are left with those stunning tones only young children naturally have in their hair. What’s even better is regrowth lines are minimized owing to the softness of this look.


Also known as totiseshell, Ecaille is the newest hair trend of 2015. Just like the Ombre and Sombre relationship, Ecaille is the little sister of the popular Balayage trend. It’s a richer and darker version of Balayage and is considered more of a colour than a technique. If you’re a little confused then just think about the colours that make up a tortoise shell. All these beautiful golden blonds, chocolate brones, honey and chestnut colours form together to create a multidimensional look. Just like Balayge, there myriad of colours are painted into the hair with no foils required. Recently the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Jessica Alba have been rocking this looks and they look amazing.

Now you know the differences, it’s time to pick a style. My tip would be to go with the Ecaille. It’s the newest trend, meaning you’ll be on par with the world’s biggest celebrities. This technique also gives you a more natural look without having to visit the salon continually to get your roots down. If you would like to breath fresh life into your tresses, visit Beauty and Bronze today. They utilise the very best Wella Hair Products to keep your hair up to date with the latest hair trends.

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