How Greatly Technology is Changing Engagement Proposals

How Greatly Technology is Changing Engagement Proposals

Technology and social media have formulated the world even extra globalized; with the single click of a button, information goes totally viral for the entire world to see. This customs of instant sharing as well as posting has affected the daily lives of everybody, whether for good or bad intentions. Engagement or wedding proposals have become much hi-technologically improved that this cherished moment between two true lovers has converted into more of a performance than a loving moment for a beautiful couple.

Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, (you name it) have transformed the name of the game however it doesn’t simple end there, proposals have turned into even wackier as well as inventive due to the technological expertise.

Several Technologies Discussed!

There are several ways how technology and social media have changed the way of proposals to engagement. They specifically prefer to propose through diamonds rings but in a different way.

  1. Facebook is our great friend. Taken under use to logging onto FB and observing around 10 proposal videos or pictures with a status update of being committed. Facebook makes things so competitive as well as people are inclined to document each of the detail of process, from the diamond ring, to the desirable wedding planning, to the ultimate album of that Big Day and don’t disregard the DRESS!!! Moreover, Facebook has an “Engagement and Wedding” feature just similar to the birthday celebrations and postings.
  2. Pinterest DIYs and images, particularly for the ladies, to make the perfect and desirable wedding: from the beautiful engagement ring, to the wonderful princess gown, to the decoration for the reception and the listing goes on. Pinterest is the finest place for ideas as well as links to wedding sites for the entire thing one can want but one can get carried away and overlook about our old pretty friend: the BUDGET!
  3. Youtube Videos as well as GoPros are a finest way to showcase the despicably inventive and heart-warmingly romantic proposal which completely took her by surprise.
  4. Putting an effort to keep things on the down-low? This is pretty hard when putting forward proposal in public…Someone else is definitely to capture the magic on camera and video and even share this on their personal social media accounts. Everyone has access to cell phones at the present time and with an easy flash, your life is proficiently documented.
  5. Proposals of movie trailers are absolutely a way to catch one with surprise. There you are, having pleasure of your tradition of movie night every week and prior to the screening of the major feature, pop ups the question with your name, exactly in front of your shiny eyes. This is the finest way to entail the audience and also catch them by surprise.
  6. The trendy Selfie Stick captures the beautiful moment in which he slides the radiant cushion-cut diamond ring over her slender, painted finger and afterward is shared immediately on Instagram with the wonderful sunset in the background. Even more attractive, how about a selfie precisely in the middle of the engagement ceremony or event; you can truly feel like you are there experiencing the unforgettable moment with the loving couple.
  7. The News is all the time a perfect way to make international or national news. Whether the crazy proposal is passionate enough to make the breaking news.

Technology is evidently changing the manner the world works. You proposals can be better and bigger but at the similar time, sometimes not much personal, particularly when one documents each of the detail of the proposal, engagement, planning and the wedding. You can get bet out of the technology in order to make your moment more special and memorable. Apart from the mentioned points, there are more technologies available for best proposals that you should now.

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