Is The Magnetism Towards Buddha Paintings Exists For Real?

Is The Magnetism Towards Buddha Paintings Exists For Real?

Cultures and traditions are entangled in Indian roots. Regardless of the world witnessing dramatic technological advancement, finding a viable alternative for ethnicity is almost impossible. For centuries, India has been the land of sages and deities. Also, the world is blindly following the vision imbibed in Indian customs, knowing its valuable worth. Among innumerable religious beliefs, Buddhism engrossed ardent followers. With Buddhism, the love for Buddha paintings followed. Astoundingly, these paintings have a presence in almost every part of the world. The tranquility secreted in the divine Siddhartha Gautama figurine is to die for.

Origin of Buddha Paintings and Statutes

Lord Gautama Buddha was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Despite having endless luxuries, he left home to find his purpose in life. The simplicity, serenity and peace in Buddhism attracted myriad people over the globe. Moreover, as the religion gained strength, people started providing attention to the Buddha paintings for BedroomBuddhist art worked as an escape from the miseries of life. Read below to know how the Buddha paintings and sculptures originated:

  • In the earliest phase, Buddhism was not presented in the human form. It was symbolized by signs such as lotus, pair of footprints, a empty space etc.
  • It was by the first century BC that the Lord Buddha figurine started gaining attention. The Indian artists who worked on bricks, wood and bamboo adopted stone on a large scale. Chronicles from the past life of Buddha became prominent effortlessly.
  • From the day people identified Lord Buddha’s figurine, it became a ubiquitous part of Buddhism.
  • Besides Buddha’s face, some other symbols that had great relevance were:
  1. Two Golden Fish
  2. The Conch Shell
  3. The Lotus
  4. The Banner of Victory
  5. The vase
  6. The Dharma Wheel
  7. The Eternal Knot

Indubitable Significance of Buddha Paintings for Dwellings

Regardless of where we travel, home is where the heart rests. The peace and calmness in homes help to remain away from the chaos of life. Also, this is the reason why people spend their hard-earned money on homes. While building a house brick by brick, every minute detail is taken care of. Paintings confer an unparalleled charm. And, in a country like India, it is tough to separate religion from art. Colourful paintings of spiritual deities like Lord Ganesha and Lord Buddha are popular. However, as discussed earlier, the love for Buddha paintings is irreplaceable. Let us find out how these change the environment around us:

The onset of Wealth and Prosperity

As per some experts, Lord Buddha in a laughing position attracts wealth in dwellings. The laughing statue placed near the main door brings luck and wealth. It enhances harmony and brings joy in abundance. By bringing happiness, it gives you a reason to smile. Also, it is considered more auspicious, if the laughing Buddha is gifted by someone.

Brings Positivity

Buddha paintings confer positivity everywhere. Amidst the anxieties and stress taking over our lives, we try to find solace in things. Undoubtedly, sometimes it becomes the cause of mistrust as well. However, Buddha art works as an ultimate stress reliever. Hanging Buddha Paintings in the surroundings enlightens a feeling of hope. Regardless of infinite difficulties, these refill energy in life.

Repels Negative Energies

Believe it or not, Buddha paintings repel negative energy from the dwellings. A dazzling and jubilant Buddha canvas in the living room brings positive energy. As per Feng Shui, keeping Lord Buddha paintings dispels negativity and attracts prosperity. Placing a mild diffuser or candles around the Buddha serves a dual purpose. Not just does it fill unmatchable aroma, but makes your place worth living.

Sophisticated Décor Opportunity

The interior décor industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. Minimalism has become the essence of contemporary décor. Buddha painting is a significant part of modern décor. Besides giving a unique look to the dwellings, these look striking in hotel lobbies, reception etc. A lot of celebrated corporates have Buddha paintings in their interiors. The paintings bring peace, calmness and allow the smooth flow of work. Also, a home with numerous Buddha paintings or statues stands a class apart. These define an individual’s personality and showcase love for the deity.

Best Place to Buy Buddha Paintings

Astonishingly, the production of Buddha Paintings is ongoing on a large scale. People prefer buying Buddha art for the home, regardless of religion. The art doesn’t have manufacturing units in India but many parts of the world. Various online and physical décor stores sell Buddha Art on a large scale. With minor changes in the design and the finishing, the symbols remain intact. Also, varied Buddha décor items like Buddha water fountains, murals, statues are accessible.

From all the décor websites, WallMantra can be your go-to place. Every piece has intricacy engrossed, thus making them an artistic masterpiece. Having a perfect finish, the paintings are capable enough to transform your surroundings significantly. So what are you looking for? Select the best from our collection and enjoy undefined classiness.      

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