How does Omega do Against a Luxury Industry Giant Like Bvlgari?

How does Omega do Against a Luxury Industry Giant Like Bvlgari?

Well, for starters, the watch brands operate on two complete different realms of luxury watchmaking. Of course, these brands are in the same industry and in a way compete against each other but they have completely different core values and principles that drive them in their pursuit of excellence. Besides the differences in the approach to watchmaking, the two watch manufacturers are also different in their approach to market themselves. Omega, for one, has been consistently known for its tool watches. The brand earned the majority of its bread and butter from high-precision tool watches that completely revolutionized the way the industry worked.

Bvlgari, on the other hand, had a different approach. The brand has, what seems like an eternity now, always been loyal to jewelry watches. Its reputation for making haut de gamme timepieces that represent the very essence of luxury is undeniable. Let us take this opportunity and discuss what separates these two high-end watchmakers from each other.


Both the brands have what we call ‘icons’ in their brand catalogues but at the same time they are worlds apart on many fundamental levels. The core premise of Omega watches such as the Seamaster and Speedmaster is based on precision, sportiness, and functional performance. As far as Bvlgari watches are concerned, its watches have always been loyal to the idea of limitless luxury.


Omega timepieces are some of the most precise watches to ever be created. They are hands down the face of precision watch making in today’s times. But Bvlgari isn’t far behind either. Times have changed and Bvlgari too has been highly active in in-house manufacturing. Its BVL line of calibres has really changed the way the world used to perceive the watchmaker.


This is a domain where Bvlgari was born and raised in. Not only are Bvlgari watches alluring, they have also become mechanical powerhouses today. Omega watches, on the other hand, are more inclined towards functional aesthetics. Nonetheless, they too are some of the most aesthetically pleasing watches ever created.

Mechanical Ingenuity

If this discussion was held a decade ago, the answer would have been different. But the truth is that things have changed today. Omega has always been known for its mechanical mastery and superior functionality. But Bvlgari, on the other hand, is globally renowned for luxurious timepieces such as the Serpenti. However, today, the brand might disagree. The watchmaker now has its own line of mechanical watches and movements that it makes itself. But the win has to go to Omega simply because it is better and has experience in this field. However, Bvlgari’s rapid progress in this field is really commendable.

It can be safe to say that neither of the two watchmakers compromise on the amount of quality and finesse that their watches put on display. The brands are at the top of their games for a reason. This also applies to the way these horologists market and present themselves out in the open. There is a certain vibe about these time crafters that makes them stand out in a crowd of watchmakers.

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