Perfectly Contour with Poni Cosmetics

Perfectly Contour with Poni Cosmetics

With contouring all the range at the moment I decided to purchase a contouring kit from Poni Cosmetics to try for myself. Contouring brings different reactions to women. Some women light up and get excited when you mention the word, however, others recoil in disgust. This is probably owing to the amount of photos and Youtube videos floating around the Internet featuring the make up technique. With the likes of the Kardashian and Tyra Banks making the trend big, some worry it’s an over the top look. While they like the sleek, sculpted look, many women doubt they can replicate it at home. The good news is, contouring is very easy and when you get the right kit, it can easily be incorporated into your normal make up routine.

To start you off with the basics, I’ve outlined the areas that you should focus upon and why they make a difference.

The temple

Contouring is applied to the temple for the aim of making the face shape more oval. You may be interested to learn that an oval shaped face is perfect when it comes to make up application.

The nose

If you have a large or broad nose, contouring can help make it look narrower. By sweeping a line of highlighter down the centre and then sides, it draws your attention to the narrowest part of the nose and hence making it appear thinner. However, it is important to use this technique sparingly. While you may think your nose is a problem area, you don’t want to end up making it look too narrow and ending up looking face. The whole purpose is to define the area, so tread lightly.


What girl doesn’t want her cheekbones to pop? Contouring can make your cheekbones stand out and completely enhance the structure of your face. It’s many girls favourite place to contour as the effect can be dramatic in a very good way. It’s again important that you don’t get too heavy handed with the bronzer. You want to create a defined look and not like you’ve got a big streak on your face. Always remember that blending is key.

Jaw line

Always wanted a well-defined face? Contouring your jaw line gives you amazing definition, so you can look like those perfectly sculpted models you see in magazines. For those who struggle with a double chin, it can really help to eliminate this unwanted area and stop your face from forming into your neck. You will enjoy a more shapely face that looks thinner.

Eye crease

Ever girl wants to create the illusion of beautiful, deep eyes that any guy wants to stare into forever. Contouring makes your eyes stand out and creates a dramatic look that is perfect for a night out.

Inner corners of the eye

If you want to make your nose look smaller then try adding contour to the inner corners of your eye. This will also enhance the deepness of your eye, as it creates shadows in the spot.

If you want to put your best face forward, contouring is a fantastic make up trend you should try. It creates a flattering look that make it seems like light is constantly hitting your face perfectly. Lets face it, why wouldn’t want to look like they were always in the best lighting? Do yourself a favour and try out the magical effects of contouring with the Poni Cosmetics contouring kit. Jump online and visit the Beauty and Bronze website to find out more about these amazing cosmetics.

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