Preventing Litter Box Problems Before They Start

Preventing Litter Box Problems Before They Start

If you are someone who loves cats or happens to have one at their home, we are sure that you might be familiar with the usability of a cat litter box.

If this is your first time with a pet cat at home, this post will tell you all that you need to know about litter boxes and why they are immensely important for a cat.

In simpler terms, a cat’s litter box is a four-sided plastic container that serves as a dedicated defecation area for every cat. Litter boxes are available in different sizes but they serve the common purpose of defecation.

litter box

A cat’s litter box is needed to be filled with cat litter which mimics the finish of a desirable area of excretion for every cat. A properly set up litter box keeps health problems at bay and adds to the overall hygiene of the cat. More so, it helps in establishing a toilet routine which is essential for every pet cat and their owner.

There are a lot of problems that a cat owner can face when it comes to cat litter. Most owners have to deal with the problem of litter spillage every time their cat chooses to excrete inside the box. This problem is easily solvable and can be eradicated by using a cat litter trapping mat which is placed beneath the cat’s litter box and catches all the clumps of litter and urine that may fall outside the box.

litter trapper mat

Since the cat’s litter box is placed inside the closed space of the house, pet owners often get worried about how they can maintain the overall hygiene level of the litter box. Since cats urinate numerous times in a day, the litter box often gets filled with foul smells and odor which can make any home inhospitable and unhealthy. To solve and prevent this problem, we recommend every pet owner to spritz the cat’s litter box with a scented or unscented disinfectant spray. Doing this will help in the removal of any foul smells and it will also kill bacteria that can spread with the passage of air.

More so, to leave a cat’s litter box smelling fresh all day long, a good idea is to add a few drops of any natural essential oil on the surface of the litter box. This will leave the box smelling fresh and it will also kill and prevent any foul smell the moment it arises.

Make sure to clean the cat’s litter box every week and not leave any waste unattended. The right practice is to pick out your cat’s waste the moment they go and defecate inside the box. Cat litter does not have to be changed every week. But yes, it is highly recommended to empty cat litter once every month, wash the box thoroughly with a fragrant cleaner, leave it to dry and then pour the new batch of cat litter inside.

A dirty cat litter box can give rise to urinary tract infections in your cat which can be lethal to their health. Purple Pet Iprimio offers the best collection of litter boxes and litter picking tools that can make your journey easy!

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