Proper Archery Stance

Proper Archery Stance

Archery is a very famous sport in the USA. There are a lot of things you need to do right to get the best result in archery.

You have to look after every little detail while playing archery. Stance is also a very important thing to look after.

There are a few types of stances in archery. You can adopt any of those stances.

In this post, I am going to describe the archery stances and the proper one from them.

 Correct archery stances

Archery stance is the very first thing you should learn about archery. Here, in this article, I will talk about the correct archery stances.

What is stance in archery?

Stance is the first step of archery. Stance is the moment when you set your stability and gesture of shooting. You also align your body with the target and your bow.

So, the stance is something you do to be prepare yourself for shooting and the style you shoot the arrow.

Why do you need a proper archery stance?

You cannot shoot your arrow while sitting and lying or just standing on one leg. Maybe you can shoot but cannot hit the target properly.

So, if you want to hit the target, you must approach in a proper way. If your stance is not right, you will not be able to shoot in a consistent manner.

You cannot control your body without the right stance. The bow will not become steady if you are not in full control of your body.

So, if you want to hit the bullseye, you have to correct your stance.

Stances in archery

There are three types of stances available in archery. Among those three stances, 2 is a common type than the other one. That’s why many say there are two stances.

While you are shooting at the target, you have to imagine a straight line between you and the target. Your left hand left shoulder and left leg will be a little forward than the right one.

Till this point, all three stances are similar to each other. After this step, the next steps are divided into three. They are Square stance, Open stance, and Closed stance.

The square stance

Square stance is quite easier one and many beginners use this stance.

Both of your feet should be parallel with the shooting line.

Keep some distance between your two legs. You will have more contact with the ground and now  you have much better control.

When you have more control over your body, you can hold the bow firmly and shoot the arrow in a steady manner.

The open stance

The difference between the square stance and open stance is, the forward foot will rotate a little and will be placed a little behind than the other one.

In that process, your body will be more open towards the target. The front tip of your forward leg will be aligned with the center of the target.

Many advance level archers use this stance and they feel comfortable to shoot in this manner.

The closed stance

A very few people use the closed stance process. The closed stone process is just opposite to the open stance.

The foot behind the shooting line will be pulled back a little. The imaginary shooting line will be at the middle of your both leg and pointed towards the center.

Find the proper stance

It is hard for me to tell you about your proper stance. I personally use the open stance method.

Proper stance varies from man to man. Everyone will not feel comfortable with every stance.

So, my opinion for you that, before selecting any stance, try all the stances by yourself and choose the one which suits you the most.

But from my personal experience, I can suggest you adopt the square stance method when you are a beginner. Later you can choose the open stance when you become more expert in shooting.

 A little more about the stance

There are some more things I would like to share with you. Your forward shoulder, the one with you are holding the arrow, should point towards the target.

You should relax your body and focus your sense on your feet. After that, straighten your back and tense your muscle.

This is the process which will help your body to adopt the stance you chose.


Like any other sports, archery also needs the right gesture and posture. With the help of the right stance, you can have a clear and accurate shot on the target. It means the success of archery depends a lot on the proper stance. You can use any of these three stances and start your journey in archery.

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