Why to buy Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Why to buy Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Value for money is what we look for when it comes to purchasing any product. When the value of the product is high then many factors come into consideration, moreover when it is a question of buying jewelry, the situation becomes even more difficult.

To get you out of this difficult situation Divineschematic brings you a ready to use guidelines.

1) I don’t know about you, but I personally feel, that I wouldn’t like the idea of seeing myself visiting store to store in search of my kind of style. Department store jewelry tends to be mass produced and designed according to the latest trend of the market. With Handmade gemstone jewelry one can celebrate his or her own style, not the style of the masses.

2) Workmanship is evident, and handcrafted jewelry can last forever. One would prefer to own fewer good pieces that he/she likes; quality takes priority over quantity in my book.

3) Your handmade jewelry will become a conversation piece. Whenever you wear handcrafted jewelry, people ask about it, I get to share the artisan’s story and it feels good to promote these talented jewelers. I take great pride in promoting handmade gemstone jewelry by Divineschematic.

4) Handmade jewelry is a piece of art, and retains its value as such.

5) Artisan jewelry is much more affordable in comparison to direct purchase from professional stores or renowned jeweler. Jewelry store margins vary widely between 100 and 500 percent. Artisans tend to keep their markups low, in comparison to stores.

6) Artisan jewelers take pride in their work, and are known for forming one-on-one relationships with their customers. They work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and your shopping experience.

7) Handmade jewelry makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. By choosing something handmade the recipient will know you spent the time to choose a meaningful present, and will think of you often while wearing the piece.

8) Great design and craftsmanship never goes out of style!

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