How to Refresh and Remove Unpleasant Odor From the Mattresses

How to Refresh and Remove Unpleasant Odor From the Mattresses

Proper rest is an important factor in an individual’s life. Resting properly ensures that you remain energized throughout the day to carry on your daily activities. To make sure of this, one needs to have a good mattress. A low-quality mattress can negatively impact your body as it can cause stress and chronic pains. The right mattress may vary from one individual to another. However, for the correct mattress, one needs to ensure that a mattress should not have any unpleasant odor.

Unpleasant and bad smell coming from the mattress can be due to excess usage or not enough maintenance. As such, the mattress needs to be refreshed and the foul odor needs to be removed. This article lists the best ways to remove unpleasant odor from the mattresses and refresh them.

Methods to Refresh and Remove Unpleasant Smell from a Mattress

There are several methods to refresh and remove unpleasant odor from the mattresses. Some of these methods are as follows:

1. Vacuum the Mattress

Cleaning and vacuuming the mattress is a great way to maintain a mattress. Vacuuming tends to keep a mattress free from toxic dust particles that can cause harm to your skin and lead to allergies. It also helps to remove dead skin particles that can accumulate and lead to breakouts. The process also allows fresh air to move among the fibers of the mattress which helps in controlling dampness. This is particularly useful if you have pets in the house as they generally tend to shed hair.

2. Use Distilled White Vinegar

An excellent household item that can be used to control and remove the unpleasant smell of a mattress can be distilled white vinegar. White vinegar is a natural deodorizer and using it is a straightforward process. You can use it by putting the white vinegar in a spray bottle and then sprinkle it over the mattress. Since vinegar is a cleaning agent, the foul smell would vanish within a few hours and you would be left with a fresh-smelling mattress.

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda Over the Mattress

Baking soda is another straightforward household item that can be used to remove the unpleasant smell from a bed mattress. The chemical properties of baking soda are useful for Try an air foam mattress for easy cleaning & zero odors. The mattress for a long time. Just sprinkle a small coating of baking soda to get rid of excess moisture. You can later vacuum the mattress to get rid of any particles on the mattress.

4. Use Corn Starch

Using corn starch is a great way to clean and remove the strong smell and odor from the mattress. You can sprinkle corn starch over the mattress and then add some water with the powder. After a few minutes of application, just remove the starch and blot the wet area using paper towels. Rubbing the corn starch after sprinkling it can also help in removing essential oils from the mattress. These oils are generally released by the human body while sitting or sleeping on the mattress.


5. Launder the Bedding

Another easy way to maintain the mattress and keep it away from the foul smell is to take complete care of the bedding that is used to cover it. The mattress will remain clean if you use fresh linen to cover it. This way, there would be no foul odor or smell from the mattress. The mattress should also be changed regularly. This is to ensure that the air can pass through the mattress and you feel fresh when you rest on it.

6. Use a Waterproof Encasement for the Mattress

Mattress encasements are a perfect way to protect the mattress from any foul smell. They cover the mattress easily and make it waterproof. Thus, if there are any accidental spills, one need not worry as the mattress will remain protected. These encasements are particularly useful for households that have small children.

7. Air out the Mattress

It is a good idea to air out the mattress timely as a bed tends to gather moisture and dampness with continuous use. Let fresh air pass through your room to ventilate it. Exposing a mattress to sunlight would also kill any fungus or bacteria that has been accumulated on it. This will make the mattress fresh and enrich the sleeping experience of the user. You should also flip the mattress while doing so so that both of its sides get proper attention.

8. Wipe Using a Lemon

Another effective and natural neutralizer to keep the mattress fresh and remove any foul odor is lemon. Its application is also quite simple as you just need to cut the lemon into slices and scrub them over the mattress surface. Since lemon has natural anti-bacterial properties, give some time to the lemon juice to dry off and wait for the result. Not only would it remove any unpleasant smell, but it would also kill bacteria and germs present in the mattress.


The above were some natural and easy methods to remove unpleasant smell and foul odor from a mattress. Since these do not use any chemical agents, they are also completely safe to use. Since mattresses have direct contact with your skin, it is advisable to go for natural solutions to clean and maintain them.

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