Diamond Shapes That Work Best For Engagement Rings

Diamond Shapes That Work Best For Engagement Rings

Diamond Rings are preferred the most for important occasions such as Engagement. Well, not all shapes are suitable in a diamond ring. There are various shapes in which diamond ring looks the best whereas there are those in which it doesn’t look like a proper fit.

Today, we will discuss about such shapes that work the best for engagement rings. Diamond shape is actually its physical form. Certain shapes like as heart, pear may not be suitable.

Afterall, everything depends on one’s choice. The diamond shape and its four C’s vary from each other. These are not one and the same. Generally, diamonds are evaluated based on four C’s; colour, Carat, cut and Clarity.
Shape is an additional feature to be considered while selecting diamonds for yourself as well as a gift for your loved ones.

What’s the difference between the cut and the shape?

Initially, you may find this confusing however we can say that the shape refers to the stone appearance and the cut refers to diamond’s ability to reflect light. Most of the diamonds are round, square, rectangular, heart shaped, pear shaped, oval or marquise.

The shapes can be easily recognized from its pictures. Below mentioned image shows the ten commonly used diamond shapes:

Diamond Cuts:

This refers to the facets and angels; their number, proportions as well as symmetry which affect the way light gets reflected from the stone. The grade of any diamond cut ranges from excellent, reflecting as maximum light as possible from the crystal’s top face. This appears to be fiery and brilliant.

Poor cut refers to the loss of light from the bottom as well as sides of the diamond. This affects the value of diamond and is an important factor to be considered while evaluating one for the purchase. At times, diamonds with same shape can have different cuts thus affecting the light reflected out of it.

According to America’s Gemological Institute; it has a tool that describes the effect of diamond cut on its brilliance.

Which Shape is the most popular and why?

Round Shaped Diamond is most popular one as it has perfect shape and cut having many sources citing that three fourths of the diamonds sold are of this type. This can be for several reasons. Most of the rough diamonds are shaped in such a way that two round brilliant diamonds can be cut with a precaution that very less amount of crystal is lost.

The round brilliant as well as the princess shape are most common because they reflect the light at their best and hence are most brilliant for their size. Crystals which are not formed symmetrically or are located in an awkward position are often cut in to a fancy cut or a cut other than round brilliant.

What are branded shapes?

There are various diamond shapes than the most common ones listed here and some of these are not even known in the market. Most of these are patented and kept only for owners. One of the best examples is Jupiter cut which has five sides, a Hexagon or Half Dutch Rose cut having six sides, Queen and Baroness having eight sides and the bead cut looks like a disco ball.

Is it necessary to consider shape while buying diamond for any engagement ring?

Yes, it is very important to consider shape while buying any diamond ring for engagement as it will affect the look of the ring on finger. Women with short fingers must try elongated styles like as pear, oval or marquise and avoid wide bands which make short fingers look even shorter.

Square shapes like as radiant and princess are best for those having long fingers as these give a shorter look to the long fingers.

Women with larger fingers must avoid slender, delicate rings as well as narrow diamond shapes like emerald or marquise as these will not look proportional. Heart and round shapes are better for larger fingers. In the same manner, one must try variety of styles for a change.

Show your Style:

It is a belief that your horoscope will decide the type of diamond that suits you. Yes, this advice can be useful but this doesn’t mean that you must refrain from choosing the one as per your own style. To some extent, this may seem to be true.

For instance, if your women is very traditional then she may prefer a round brilliant diamond in a solitaire setting and if she is romantic or emotional then she will definitely love pink diamonds in heart shape.

If she is modern and believes in wearing accessories as per the trend then she may prefer some unusual design with different colour having modern setting. Always choose the diamond that you like the most.

You can also choose from one of the readymade diamond rings available.

How to complement the rest of the ring?

Certain diamond shapes suit certain setting styles. If the setting is of much importance then you can select the shape accordingly. Let’s say if you love to wear solitaire setting then you can select the shape available and then show the diamond to its potential.

Oval, round, radiant, cushion as well as marquise shapes are suited in any multi stone ring. Asymmetrical shapes such as pear, trilliant or heart suit best in solitaire settings. These are difficult to adjust with other stones in any multi stone ring however trilliant shapes work well as accessory stones.

Conclusion: Now, it will be easy for you to choose diamonds for engagement rings. Let us know how this blog post is useful to you. For more such tips and tricks; stay tuned to Goldenet – one stop shop for real diamonds in Melbourne.

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