Shop Like an Expert Guide in Choosing your Dinnerware

Shop Like an Expert Guide in Choosing your Dinnerware

Wouldn’t you love a kitchen full of essential and matching kitchenware and tableware? Mixing and matching dinnerware is a form of art by itself. Elevate your dining experience by learning how to set your table depending on your desired colour and style. It is the main attraction at your dinner table. It’s more than crockery for serving food; it sets the mood on your dining experience and enhances your meals as well as expressing yourself. Among the many options available in the market, bamboo dinner sets are getting more popular these days.

First, you need to know the types of dinnerware materials for a good start. Here are the common dinnerware materials with their benefits:

Bone China

Bone china is the most vital kind of dishwasher and microwave-safe kitchenware. It is lightweight, durable and elegant. It can be an alternative for both special and everyday dinnerware because it is chip resistant. Its colour is uniquely milky white because of bone ash and gives transparency to the body. It is more resilient and less likely to break.


In the olden times, owning porcelain dinnerware was a mark of aristocracy. With the advancement of the era, you can now get these wares at a very affordable price. Porcelain is a supreme material in the ceramic family and was invented in China. It is also known as “fine china.” It is the most durable tableware you should consider getting. Its nonporous characteristic is the result of being fired at a very high temperature during creation.


This type of dinnerware is more resilient than porcelain and bone china dishes. Because of the glaze coating applied to the clay base, these dishes are more resistant to chipping and cracking. Earthenware also gives off an air of value, casual appeal and sturdiness.


Melamine dinnerware is best for outdoor use because of its durability. Melamine resin makes this dish harder to break or chip. It is easy to clean, fire and heat-resistant, and virtually unbreakable and elegant yet affordable. You can use it in special events like weddings and dinner gatherings. It is also dishwasher-safe and easy to rinse because of its nonporous feature.


Stoneware dishes are less porous than earthenware and are also more durable. However, it still needs to be kept and maintained at even temperatures.

Keep in mind not to expose it to high or freezing temperatures. It is famous for its artistic designs with its special finishing glazed, which gives a smooth look and waterproof finish. It is a great deal for everyday use and is family-friendly. Note that pieces with painted designs may require hand washing.

Now that you already know the common types of dinnerware let’s move to the easy tips to mix and match to move your dining set-up to perfection. Here are the quick tips for setting your china:


It is best to choose durable dinnerware for everyday use, and a shatter-resistant would be ideal for outdoor parties. A consistent colour palette also enhances your style and makes it more organised and pleasant to the eyes. Selecting the right design is also a great way to express your personality and complement your home décor.

Selecting a Set

Since there are different occasions that dinnerware is needed, buying white pieces is the most practical way you should do it. This dinnerware suits perfectly either for formal events and casual use. Make it personalised by adding accessories such as placemats, linens and chargers.

Remember to set your table the way you want it. Make the selection that works for needs. Happy shopping!

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