Signs your iPad Mini Needs a Battery Replacement

Signs your iPad Mini Needs a Battery Replacement

We all go through it. Smart phones/tablets are just like any useful tool or product we use on a daily basis. And with all that use comes wear and tear. An iPad is no different. After a certain amount of use, its battery will simply begin to drain power faster than it used to when you first purchased it. There’s no need to panic, or even force yourself to immediately purchase a brand new iPad. It may just be time for an iPad Mini battery replacement. Keep these signs in mind when looking to see if that replacement is needed sooner rather than later.

1. The battery begins to die at a number that isn’t 0%

We naturally charge our batteries so that it takes longer to reach that single-digit number, right? Unfortunately, the more you use your iPad mini, the more likely it is that the battery will die at a higher number…possibly one in the double-digit category. This means that the battery HEALTH is low and not just the battery LIFE of your device. When the battery health is low, chances are the battery life is going to decrease very quickly. You can download different third party apps to check out the status of your battery health to see whether or not you’ll be in need of an iPad Mini Battery Replacement anytime soon. They’ll most likely tell you how many charging cycles your device has gone through and how much or how little time you have left before it begins to become a regular issue.

2. Your iPad is Charging…slowly

What in the world is this? You put your tablet on charge for over 2 hours and it only went from 20% to 25%? Uh oh. You can check to see if it’s because of a bad cable or a charger that’s in poor condition, but it may also be your iPad. If you begin to experience this unfortunate situation, than it may be time to replace your iPad’s battery. It’s often expected that after 1000 charging cycles (or about two years after regular use), your iPad is going to start experiencing symptoms such as this.

3. Your iPad is Randomly Rebooting Itself

This has to be one of the most annoying signs of a battery replacement. You’re enjoying the use of your iPad, watching the latest episode of one of your favorite TV shows on Netflix when all of a sudden, your iPad shuts down and starts itself back up. When the iPad has restored itself to a functioning capacity, you’ll be told in a small message that it experienced an unexpected shutdown and had to restore itself. This is a sign that your battery is unhealthy and needs a replacement soon. If this happens more than once, start thinking about it.

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