The Astrological Importance of Gemstones on Your Well Being

The Astrological Importance of Gemstones on Your Well Being

In the modern era, the gemstones are mostly used for ornamental purposes, but people don’t know which gems have a huge significance in our existence. In the olden days, Egyptian, Indian, and several other cultures believed that gemstones had a wide array of health benefits and influenced one’s well-being. According to certain myths, besides medicinal capabilities gems function as talismans or protective shields to ward of evil.


Certain parts of the body are called “Chakra,” some cultures place gemstones in these chakras to encourage healing. In other systems, one can gain health benefits just by wearing a simple piece of jewellery made with a specific gem. Gemstones also infuse us with vital energy and life force to release all the negativity in us which is responsible for distrait and diseases.

Everyone around this globe receives cosmic radiations from other planets in the solar system, which in turn impact all pieces of our existence, which includes our behaviour, attitude, and environment. Gemstones often link with the planets and develop the positive effect of that particular planet, star, zodiac sign, or constellation on our well-being.


The common belief says that after a person wears those gemstones, the cosmic energies of the planet which the stone represents gets drawn into our bodies or auras. It brings about a positive outcome on the Chakra ruled by those particular colours. This positive change majorly affects our thought process, the vibrations that we release into the surrounding atmosphere, the way we network with people, and the way people interact back with us. This phenomenon helps us to suggest a gemstone for a person and before conferring the person with gems the position of planets in his astrological birth chart is also consulted. If a person gets weak rays from a particular planet at the time of birth, then by the use of a gemstone, we can certify that he will get stronger rays from the same planet into his aura. This ensures balance in his well-being and pervades his life with vitality. Gemstone’s astrology calculator helps you decide which gemstone suits the situation.

There is a great significance of gems in astrology, and here gems help us to avert evil nature or energies of planets and enhance positivity exerted by constellations and stars. Zodiac signs assigned according to the time of the year in which an individual is born and astrologers recommend different gemstones for distinct zodiac signs.

Following are gemstone recommendations to improve your well-being: –

The red shades of garnet give your whole structure a boost, refresh your body, and promote your emotional state by enhancing your confidence.

This purple stone brings strength, courage, and peace to the wearer. It helps people suffering from anxiety, mood disorders, and addictions.

Traditional Asian medicine uses pearls for treating sick digestive systems, fertility issues, and heart problems.

It deals with digestive, eye, and teeth problems.

It is a powerful stone that treats headaches and stress.

·Rose Quartz
The pink-hued rose quartz helps to heal the heartaches. The person suffering from heartaches usually wears it over his heart as a pendant.

In this way, the gemstones with the help of astrology help enhance a person’s well-being and treat his medical complications.

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