The New Boot Trend

The New Boot Trend

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest online shoes trends in Australia. The age old question of why women need so many pairs of shoes has a simple answer: because they need to stay up to date with the ever changing fashion forefront. Now that the winter months are upon us, it calls for a daring new must-have shoe. The new style that every woman should have in her wardrobe is the modern combat boot.

This versatile footwear choice can combine both style and comfort. The combat boot adds the edginess and masculine touch that is such a key look this season. It can be worn with jeans and leather, or contrasted with feminine florals. Unlike the more military styles of several seasons ago, the current trend sees a much shorter cut, just above the ankle. The Achilles is cushioned with thick padding intended for walking long distances.

This style is clearly inspired by the classic Timberland boot design which remains popular with men and women to this day. This was a shoe that was designed to survive all conditions, such as mud and moisture, and even has steel cap toe options for heavy duty wear. Exceptional quality in manufacture and materials meant that the company soon built a strong reputation, and subsequently Timberland had the demand to be able to sell their products for higher prices. It is primarily this high cost that has led many fashionistas too seek alternative brands that offer similar styles.

Affordable brands such as Adrift, Keepsake and Tricks offer just this. Many brands offer a direct imitation, complete with the distinct mustard colour and black leather heel cushioning. There are also unique designs which add some new features, such as the classic black colour, metallic zips, a raised heel for a more feminine touch, or a fabric cushioning rather than leather. Some boots even have more original features such as a hint of leopard print or a pattern in the material. Liven them up with some crazy laces to make them your own.

The resilient materials these boots are made from, as well as the comfortable designs, ensure that you will be able to wear them for years and years. An obvious feature of combat boots is their thick rubber sole which has plenty of grip. You’ll have a stable and cushioning platform to stand on whether you are in the office or on the street. The leather that the body of the shoe is made from has a tough, suede like texture but is completely waterproof. These online boots trend were originally designed as workwear for the outdoors, and so had to survive not only the weather conditions but also labour. They would be scuffed, kicked, have objects dropped on them and still look like new.

Like all ankle boots, combat boots are a great trans seasonal piece that will be your best friend in winter, and can certainly make an appearance in the cooler days of autumn and spring. The long laces mean that you can easily fit them around big woolly socks or tighten them around stockings. After buying your staple yellow pair, you will no doubt want to also grab a black version to suit all outfits this coming winter. To ensure the perfect fit, go in store and ask for assistance from a trained sales assistant, or shop online where there is a robust exchange policy in place. Please get in touch with the Shoe Shed for all of your most fashionable online shoes products in Australia and check out the extensive range of combat boots available.

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